Zhuhai: The wife’s bar is drunk, and after being sent to the hospital, she found pregnancy. Husband: It’s my fault

As the saying goes, there is no overnight revenge between husband and wife, because if there are any contradictions between husband and wife living together, the two can reconcile quickly.However, couples need to actively solve this problem. If one party is unwilling to solve the problem, then the contradiction between husband and wife is difficult to solve.

And one party between husband and wife wants to solve the problem, and the other party is unwilling to solve the problem, then it will inevitably lead to the emotional depression, angry and going to extremes.

In Zhuhai, a drunk woman was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. A man kneels in front of the bed. When the woman woke up, she saw her husband and learned the news of her pregnancy.Two times, the husband kept kneeling on the ground without a word.

This behavior aroused the curiosity of people around, so the matter was recorded.

According to the news of the onlookers, the drunk woman and the man kneeling on the ground were a couple. The woman was sent to the hospital for water such as water because of being drunk. At the same time, the news that the woman sent to the hospital also notified her husband.I also rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, the wife was taken to the hospital after being drunk. After the doctor’s rescue, it was not hindered, but the wife was still full of alcohol.When the husband arrived, the doctor educated her husband very harshly, saying that excessive drinking would severely damage the health of the body. In addition, the wife was pregnant, and excessive drinking would have a great impact on the child’s health.

The husband stayed after hearing this, and then he kneeled on the ground, and expressed his repent to his wife: "It’s all my fault, please forgive me!" And after hearing the news of his pregnancy, his wife was not onlyThe anger suddenly got up, and smashed her husband’s first few times with his fist.

The husband and wife were just married shortly, and the two could be regarded as Lang Cai’s appearance.

As the saying goes, love can make people blind, and marriage life will make them clear each other’s true colors.When falling in love, the couple, Qingqing, I am very sweet, I often go out to play together, go to the bar to drink or go to the Di Hall together, the life of the two world is very chic.

However, the life after marriage is completely different from the time to fall in love, because the life after marriage incorporates more chai oil and salt and trivial matters, coupled with the different living habits of the husband and wife, it is inevitableAfter the sweet period of wedding, the couple’s quarrel became more frequent.

If the husband and wife quarrel because of trivial matters, then communicate in time to avoid the contradictions between husband and wife, afraid that one of them is too personalized and unwilling to sit down to calmly communicate, and the husband is such a person.After a quarrel, the husband did not intend to talk to his wife well. Instead, after sending a fire, he patted his butt and fell away.

The husband was not at home, and the anger in his wife’s heart had nowhere to vent, so he called and contacted his girlfriend to get rid of the bar.Due to the bad mood, his wife started to be drunk without drinking a few glasses of wine. Girlfriends repeatedly persuaded the wife to drink less wine, but the wife was still very bold, and soon the wife was drunk and paralyzed.

When the girlfriend saw this, he immediately called the hospital for emergency calls and sent his wife to the hospital for emergency treatment.It is gratifying that the wife was sent to the hospital very timely. After vomiting and hanging water, the wife had woke up, but she was still drunk.

When the husband learned that his wife was drunk to the hospital, he immediately rushed to the hospital. When he saw his wife’s drunk state, he was angry and began to quarrel between the husband and wife.Under the persuasion of the doctor, the husband and wife finally calmed down. At the same time, while the doctor educated the husband and wife, he also told the husband and wife that he was pregnant, and his wife’s excessive drinking would have a great impact on the fetus.When the husband heard the news, he immediately kneeling and fell to the ground, and expressed his repentance to his wife: "It’s my fault, please forgive me!"

When his wife heard the news, he beat her husband’s head with a fist.

Later, the wife was sent to the doctor to check the indicators, and the husband anxiously asked about the health of his wife and children, especially how much impact on the child’s health after drinking.As for how the later things develop, the onlookers are not clear.

There are two aspects of this matter worthy of our vigilance. First of all, the quarrel between husband and wife can be calm for the time being, but do not fall away like a husband to avoid the other party from being unprecedented by anger.Secondly, good health is your own. Do not do things that damage your health to vent your anger. You can find some other ways to replace, such as exercise.

The wife’s bar was drunk and found that she was pregnant after she was sent to the hospital. The husband kneeling kneeling is his own fault. Little friends, what do you think of this?

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