Zhu Zhuchi appeared in the pregnant belly in July. The round hair was specially taken care of, and the details were suspected to have a daughter

On June 21, the seven -month -old actor Zhu Zhu took high heels and attended the new drama launch conference, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

In the picture, Zhu Zhu is wearing a black long skirt. Although the exposed arm is not as slender as before, she can also see that she pays great attention to her figure management during pregnancy.

A black black hair, a iconic smile on the side, a pair of sweet pear vortexes make Zhu Zhu, who is a quasi -mothers, also looks full of girly, excellent state, full of virginity.Woman looks.

Although 36 years old, although she is an elderly mother, she still envious everyone during pregnancy.Many netizens lamented, "Even if you are pregnant, it will be so good."

Even if he is already in the late pregnancy, his belly is as large as a lesion, but Zhu Zhu still stepped on high heels and walked steadily. After standing, he did not forget to touch his belly.Essence

This also made careful netizens couldn’t help publishing "experience talks" in the comments, thinking that this round belly may be a girl, and Zhu Zhu will definitely have a big beauty like her.

Not only that, after half an hour after the press conference, the organizer also thought about Zhu Zhu’s chair attentively, specially took care of the expectant mother, and other actors in the same crew also agreed to this.

In the group photo, the other starring actors took the initiative to surround Zhu Zhu’s chair to let them sit in the C position steadily. It seems that the crew has taken care of this pregnant mother.

In addition, in the later game interaction, Zhu Zhu was sitting with the director with a pleasant face, watching the actors in the same drama work hard.

Although they were specially taken care of, netizens still praised Zhu Zhu Jingye, and they said that they were pregnant, even if they were just wearing high -heeled shoes for half an hour.

It is reported that Zhu Zhu, who was rising in his career, suddenly announced his marriage with her boyfriend outside the circle in March this March, and announced the good news of her pregnancy to the outside world shortly after marriage. Although she was questioned that Fengzi was married, she still gained a lot of blessings from netizens.

After pregnancy, she did not retreat to the fetus. Instead, she often shared her pregnancy and experience during her social platform. She was often encountered by netizens in various exhibitions and was active in the eyes of the public.

Now, I have attended the new drama press conference again, so that my sister has to be emotional: the female star is really hard!

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