Zhu Danguan showed his first appearance after the second child, and he was full of pregnant belly to hold his daughter and mother.

On the evening of July 18th, some netizens showed a video that encountered Zhu Dan with her eldest daughter to play, which was also the first appearance since her official announcement.

Zhu Dan, who appeared in the photo, did not take care of his short hair and looked slightly embarrassed. The clothes were very simple. A loose striped T -shirt on the upper body, with a pair of blue jeans on the lower body, blocked his pregnant belly well.

Perhaps because the nutrition during pregnancy is too rich, although Zhu Dan is not obviously blessed, his legs wearing tight pants still look a little fat.

It is not difficult to see from the video that Zhu Dan, who is at home with peace of mind, has a very pleasant life. The packeting downstairs in the community should be eliminated after meals.

In addition, Zhu Dan’s eldest daughter "Little Dan" appeared together. On the day, Xiao Dan wore a white top and black trousers, and a red peaked cap. She was only three years old and she had some baby fat.It looks very cute.

Xiao Xiaodan first handed the things in his hand to his mother, and ran forward alone, and then he was probably tired. He ran back to his mother and wanted his mother to hold it.

And Zhu Dan probably had something to be busy. He bowed his head to play with his mobile phone throughout the process. When he was busy, he had a 4 -month pregnant belly. He picked up a daughter with a fleshy daughter.However, there was no figure around Monday.

In 2017, Zhu Dan and the palace of marriage around Monday. In the same year, a baby’s baby was born smoothly. It was originally a couple of men and women.Many audiences spit out, and they were ridiculed by everyone for a while.

As a husband, on Monday, he is also famous for his family and masculinity. Many words and deeds are regarded as a "scum man".

For example, in a certain interview, I felt that I could absent the child’s growth process with peace of mind, and did not bring the child at home, because "the child was with his own scene, this is her life."

Earlier, I was photographed to share milk tea with the female assistant, and spit the pearl on the ground;

Burning incense and worshiping Buddha with mysterious women, the marriage status of the two was questioned by the outside world.

However, on the day of Guan Xuan’s second child, the happy smile on Zhu Dan’s face seemed to overflow the screen. The words of words can truly feel her joy for the baby’s coming. It can be seen that there are only two parties who are the most clear.Guess.

I hope that the two can go down happily and look forward to the birth of the second baby!


Author: Kunbu

Editor: Cherry

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