Zhou Gong interprets dreams?The cat’s dream is solved through these postures

I believe that people who know cats have such a question. One of them is whether the cat will dream?What scenes they dream of?In fact, cats really dream, but the things that dreams may be different from us humans!And you may also dream of shovel officers, let’s see what the cat in your family is doing.

1. Dreaming very relaxed dream

If the cat sleeps half of his nose, it makes a soft "um" sound, which means that it feels very relaxed in the dream; if the mouth is muttering, it means that it may be desperately trying to express something in the dream.

Sleep is very important for cats, especially when the kittens have not been fully developed, they often say that they sleep when they sleep; cat slaves should never disturb them when cats sleep, otherwise the cat will feel that the environment does not feel the environment.Safe, causing their spirit to become tight or even affecting health!

2. Dreaming about things when he was a kid

Cats sometimes start to move until half of the front foot, not as fast as shake, but similar movements. This is the "step on milk" that many people often say.This means that it may dream that when he was a child, when he was sucking his mother’s milk, he stepped on his mother’s belly with your front foot, or when he was coquettish with his mother; because he felt at ease, he might still make a snoring.

3. Dreaming is hunting

If the cat emits a short -sighted short sound like "Kashika" while sleeping, just like seeing birds, it means that it may dream that it is catching prey! Sometimes it will be used with limbs, because it may be in a dream that it may be in the dream that it may be in the dream.run.

4. Dreaming of the master

Many owners may want to know whether cats dream of themselves? The answer is: Of course! Cats will relive the beautiful time in the dream for a day. Of course, this wonderful time includes its own master.At this time, the cat’s movements will be very relaxed, the whole body stretches, and the tongue will spit out.At this time, don’t bother it.Ensure that it has sufficient sleep and leave a good impression on the cat.

5. Guess

We can guess that when the cat’s legs move in the air, you can imagine that the cat is chased by some kind of monster, it is desperately running away; when the cat twists the body gentlyI enjoyed a comfortable massage in the dream;

When the cat’s tail and beard are shaking and making a cry, you can imagine that it is staring at a food, I want to eat it very much, and I will eat it immediately … No matter how happy you are, it is bestDon’t wake up their dreams. Like us humans, when the dream is interrupted, there will be a breath of getting up ~

Although we can’t understand what the cats are talking about, but according to their different dreams, we can guess what kind of dreams they are dreaming! Do you learn to learn? In the future, you can know that the cat is doing.What dreams, thus interacting with your own cat.

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