Zheng Kai’s wife collapsed!Miao Miao was pregnant, and he was exposed to actress Zhao Xiaotang in a nightclub.

"Run it!"Brother" is a variety show that is very popular with the audience. This show also brings many joy to everyone. In addition to leisure, you can relax your pastime time.

Zheng Kai, one of the running men’s groups inside, was scolded on the hot search because of the hot pot plagiarism incident.Things are enough.

Fortunately, it was finally properly handled, and Zheng Kai also brought his wife to show affection frequently on the day of their opening. However, not long after the hot pot, Zheng Kai was searched again.

In the early morning of August 6, many netizens broke the news on Weibo that they met Zheng Kai and actress An Qi and Zhao Xiaotang in a nightclub in Shanghai.

This incident was quickly shared by netizens on Weibo, but this incident also quickly fry the pot online, and netizens who posted news were bombarded by netizens.

The netizens who released the news showed that their friends’ friends took a screenshot to show that they were not lying.

However, it was just a very ordinary thing that was passed on to Weibo. It changed. At night, Zheng Kai and three actresses visited the nightclubs, which attracted countless people’s reveries.

In fact, this can not be blamed for everyone think about it. I still show affection for some time ago. It didn’t take long to come to play with other women in the nightclub, and there were also pregnant wives in the home to keep the empty room.It is estimated that it is difficult to accept.

As a pregnant mother, at home is the most lacking sense of security. It is when Zheng Kai needs to help take care of it at home.The heart is cold.

Although there is no extraordinary thing, it will not make people think about it, and people’s words have always been a terrible vocabulary.

However, there are also neutrality that there is nothing to go to nightclubs, because as an actor, it is very hard to come down all day, and it is understandable to come out to relax at night.

It’s okay not to say this. This is a word that netizens saw the fried pan. They were not the parties. They all rely on a mouth to say that they could be white.black.

We all know that Zheng Kai and his wife Miao Miao officially announced on May 21, and at the time, they were also enthusiastically blessed by the majority of netizens and fans.

521 symbolizes that I love you. Choosing to get married on such a day is a particularly meaningful thing, and after marriage, the news of his wife Miao Miao is pregnant, and Zheng Kai has also been exposed to accompany his wife many times.Go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for examination.

Zheng Kai also stated in public that one day he would make up for the wedding and diamond ring owed to his wife Miao Miao, which was completely a good man’s image.

In fact, the violence of public opinion is quite powerful. A bad orientation can beautify a bad guy, and the same can also advance a good person into the abyss.

Although the impact of Zheng Kai’s behavior is not proper, everyone has their own freedom of activity, and it is impossible to relax at a bar or nightclub at a non -working time.

Although it is a star, there must be a life that normal people need, and they cannot restrain the freedom of kidnapping others too much.

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