Zhang Zetian is suspected to be pregnant with a second child!Strong pregnant belly and her husband to visit the supermarket, Liu Qiangdong guards the sweetness

Recently, some netizens have exposed the pictures of her sister Zhang Zetian and her husband Liu Qiangdong on the social platform when they encounter milk tea sister Zhang Zetian and her husband, and they are encountered in the US supermarket.When people talk while chatting, their expressions are relaxed and sweet. "In the pictures posted by netizens, they can see Zhang Zetian’s current situation, and netizens also revealed an important news, which suddenly attracted the attention and hot discussion of countless netizens.

In the photo, I saw Zhang Zetian wearing a black and white striped dress. A black hair was behind his head, his face appeared on his face, the whole person’s state was very good, and it was obvious that Zhang Zetian’s belly was bulging.Hand of pregnant with a second child, the pregnant belly is very prominent, even if her figure is very perfect, her limbs are slender, even if they are pregnant, it does not affect her figure.The big belly is a bit prominent, and the dress is very ordinary, just like passers -by, not like people who master the huge business empire at all.

On the same day, when the two were shopping in the supermarket, they mainly visited the daily necessities area. Liu Qiangdong followed his wife carefully. It seemed very careful and guarded his wife patiently.The two talked while walking, Liu Qiangdong held Zhang Zetian’s hand. The two looked very loving. Although they had been married for many years, they did not hinder the relationship between the two, just like a couple in love.

Although there was controversy when the two were married, Zhang Zetian was also criticized to marry into the giants. When the grand wife, after marrying Liu Qiangdong, she also worked very hard. With her husband’s help, she was successful.The happiness of the family is even more dispersion for the Liu family, becoming an enviable couple.

However, the heavenly wished, and soon Liu Qiangdong was exposed to scandal. He suspected that an unfair relationship between a female student was invaded abroad.However, from the perspective of Zhang Zetian’s second child, the relationship between the two was not affected, and it was still very loving.

Judging from the photos given by netizens, Zhang Zetian is pregnant. He hopes that he can announce it early and wish her safely to produce safely.

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