Zhang Zetian appeared in the United States.

In Minnespois, Minnesota, a pair of men and women held hands to visit the discount store in the supermarket.The foreigner turned a blind eye to them, but a Chinese friend in the back shocked his chin, and couldn’t hold back for a while. He picked up his mobile phone and sneaked out, because these two were JD.com’s founder Liu Qiangdong and "Milk Tea Sister" Zhang Zetian.

Daqiangzi is indeed the child of the poor. He has not played on a yacht, but bought a discount like ordinary people.Even if he knew that someone was taking pictures, he still held Zhang Zetian’s hand unscrupulously without avoiding it.

Surprisingly, Liu Qiangdong, who had said that if he could not control Jingdong, he was unable to control Jingdong, now he has unloaded many positions, transferred many shares, and shopping in the United States leisurely.Of course, it is likely to prepare for the upcoming "Mingzhou Incident" trial. It is reported that the civil trial will officially begin at 9 am on October 3, local time in the United States.

From the picture, Zhang Zetian’s limbs are slender as a girl, but the stomach is abruptly raised, and the experienced people have a rich person. Liu Tai is pregnant for at least half a year.If the child was born in the United States, Liu Qiangdong would like to be an American father.

Compared with Zhang Zetian, who is a long -haired shawl, Liu Qiangdong wore a tight -fitting sports T -shirt, and his body was obvious. He accompanied his wife like the guardian god.It seems that the relationship between their husband and wife is as firm as the rock, and obviously the shadow of Minnesota has disappeared.At this moment, I can’t help groaning a poem: Jun is like a rock, and he is like a grass;Liu Qiangdong’s probability is to be put on a set, and Zhang Zetian’s mind and performance are worthy of praise.

Didn’t you say that Zhang Zetian was hurt and walked through Cambridge to study?Dare to conceive the second child so soon, this reversal is too fast.Some people doubt this. How can "milk tea sister" endure her husband’s derailment, is it unwilling to property?Some people exclaimed that the girl was really big, and they all committed something there, and dared to go there.Someone is interested in them about their shopping in the supermarket, saying that Daqiangzi still has to visit the supermarket?You just need to take it directly from Jingdong Curry.

Netizens here are still discussing, but the latest news came there, and the two parties of the Mingzhou case have reconciled.The team of lawyers on both sides issued a joint statement: Mr. Liu Qiangdong and Ms. Liu Jingyao caused a misunderstanding of an accident in Minnesota in 2018, occupying a large number of social resources, and also caused deep trouble to each other’s families.Today, in order to avoid further litigation damage, the two sides decided to eliminate misunderstandings and achieved settlement, and ended in this incident.

Liu Qiangdong also issued a statement saying that apologizing to his wife will usher in a new little life and will cherish and protect the family.

Hearing this news, netizens fry the pan. It seems that the price of the two parties has been talked about. The sister of milk tea is too powerful. He even participated in the whole process and speculated how much Liu Qiangdong spent this time.Some people think that the woman’s reasoning is to compensate tens of thousands of dollars.Some people say that you look down on Daqiang too much, at least a thousand w, or a beautiful knife.It seems that too few is impossible, and another rich woman has emerged.

Liu Qiangdong did not control himself that night, and he had a dispute, but he was actually a very reliable person.Although he became a CEO, he married Bai Fumei and went to the pinnacle of life, he kept awake at all times, not afraid of offending people, "nonsense" has a lot of truth.

Liu Qiangdong once said at an internal meeting of employees that the cornerstone of the market economy is to ensure the fair competition of various players. China’s 30 -year economic development has not yet resolved this problem.This problem has not been solved. China’s economy will always be deformity. It must cause inferior coins to expel good coins, resulting in more and more difficult people’s life.It is not to protect the law -abiding citizens, but to protect those who are abducted and drilled, and their interests are protected.

At the "Pan Talks" in 2015, Liu Qiangdong proposed that Pan Shiyi would boldly want to lease every entrepreneur who went to SOHO office, and determined how many shares these companies were accounted for according to the office location, number and lease time.For this win -win matter, Lao Pan, who smiled, responded like this: I ca n’t do this. I want to go back and ask my wife Zhang Xin.The pair of men and women finally ran away, saying that they would "focus on supporting art and charity".

At the "Internet Precision Poverty Alleviation" forum in 2017, Liu Qiangdong spoke: 30 years ago, he said that he would make some people get rich first, and then help those who are not rich.Today, the rich people earn a small goal, but there are still tens of millions of poor people. This is the shame of our group of rich people.

I have to say that Daqiangzi still has conscience. He knows gratitude and has not forgotten that our poor buddies are not afraid of offending people. He has said a lot of things that everyone wants to say, which is much more grounded than a Tai Chi pusher.

From a small stall in Zhongguancun to the top 500 private enterprises, Liu Qiangdong can be called a real start, and he is not forgotten after success. He is a straightforward and kind man.Although the "Mingzhou Incident" Daqiko was caught by the handle and caught it, he still wished him to spend this robbery.Brother Qiang, you will have a snack in the future!

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