Zhang Renduo: Diet of lung disease

Human lungs, one left and right

The lungs are located in the human chest, one left and right, and the highest point of the five internal organs.

The two lungs are like huge umbrellas and gorgeously covering the five internal organs, also known as Huagai.It takes breath of breathing, and its body is qi.

After the mother was pregnant, the fetus began to develop at 24 days. At the age of 8, she developed mature. Before the age of 8, the lungs did not mature, so the baby was easy to cough after a cold before the age of 8.

Pregnant mothers should eat more peaches, lilies, Sydney, almonds, and yam to promote the development of fetal lungs.

Clinically, the symptoms of threatened premature births occur from 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy, such as vaginal bleeding, lumbar and waist bloating, lower abdominal pain, or premature fetal membrane breakthrough.

Filigatory lungs are immature and premature newborns cannot survive.

How do we usually maintain our lungs?What can I eat to adjust?

Fruit: The best is bananas, mulberry, mango and apricot.

Seeds: peanut rice, corn, black sesame, walnut.

Dama: soybeans, soybeans, black beans, four seasons.

Vegetables: enoki mushrooms, sweet potatoes, peas, celery, carrots, coriander, rapeseed, lettuce, leek, etc.

Meat eggs: chicken, beef, lamb, lean pork, liver, milk, etc.

Some of these foods are rich in vitamin C, and some contain free amino acids and L -cysteine, which is very good for the lungs.

Autumn is the best time to nourish the lungs. It is very suitable for eating four kinds of foods: radish that clears heat and phlegm, sweet potatoes that strengthen the spleen and stomach, prevent cancer and tuberculosis taro, and prevent serving of serving.

The weather is dry in winter, avoid spicy food, and people who cough in winter should eat more peaches and peaches to nourish qi.Among all the fruits, the only peaches were crowned and the immortal. When did we hear: Shou Apple, Shou Yaoli?I have never heard the fairy banana, citrus.It can be seen that the efficacy of peaches is extraordinary.The so -called peach raising people, apricot hurt, buried people under the plum tree.Although there are many benefits of peaches, they cannot eat more.Just appropriate.

Pick up the immature peaches and dry it, and add 10-15 grams to decoction, which can effectively treat yin deficiency and night sweats and cough.

Dry the peach blossoms and develop it at the end, 1-3 grams, and use honey to adjust, ascites, puffy, dry stool, and disadvantage of urine.

Even the resin secreted by peach bark can also be used to treat diabetes and chyluria.

What is the most lung -nourishing meat?Horse meat, eel.

The northern nation eats more horse meat and horse milk, so their lungs are very sufficient.In the Arab country more than 3,000 years ago, the horse’s milk was viewed: the magic medicine given by Ala.

Horse milk contains unsaturated fatty acids, a variety of minerals and vitamins, which is the natural drink closest to breast milk.

Eels are recorded in Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica".The content of vitamin A and vitamin E.It is 60 times and 9 times that of ordinary fish.In addition, it has a wonderful effect on the binding of the lungs.

A few years ago, deep -sea fish oil and lecithin, which are popular, are actually better than eating eel.

What is the most lung -nourishing grain?Rice.That is, rice, rice is known as "the first nourishment of the world" to supplement the qi, regulate the spleen and stomach, and usually eat more rice.

As mentioned above, do you understand how to eat?

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