Zhang Lan revealed the big S fake pregnancy, pretending to be pregnant in the live broadcast room, threatening to transfer the topic

Zhang Lan revealed the big S fake pregnancy, pretending to be pregnant in the live broadcast room, threatening to transfer the topic

It is well known that in June, it can be said that the melon continues to follow. To say that the most influential melon, it has to be a bustling Huang Zijiao during this time.Under his breaking news, the shady in the entertainment industry was gradually revealed.What impressed us the most was the incident of sized S. After being exposed to the melon, although the studio immediately denied it, it still left a very deep impression on everyone.

It is understood that after Huang Zijiao revealed his sexual harassment, he then entrusted the dark screen in the entertainment industry. Among them, the S -sized S suction D incident was also picked up. After that, the studio’s response was full of threats.But if they carefully chop their past, it seemed that Huang Zijiao didn’t say it.

After this incident, Big S was exposed again that he was pregnant and was about to be produced next month.In response to this incident, Zhang Lan also surfed 5G. Pretending to be pregnant in his live broadcast room. The whole process seemed to be implying the incident of big S fake pregnancy. After taking out the stomach stuffed, Zhang Lan also said this also said this.It’s transferring the topic and send it away.

Since Huang Zijiao’s breaking news continues to ferment, Zhang Lan has also been unlocking to borrow a while, and it has started live broadcasts with this heat. In just a few minutes, the number of people was filled.Many netizens also said that Zhang Lan would drain for this reason. On the one hand, he wanted to "talk" with everyone, and on the other hand, he also wanted to sell goods. It can be said that it was really good.

Zhang Lan was dismissive of his rumors, saying that Big S was simply nonsense.Her tone is firm and strong, full of confidence and experience.This may be because she has been with Da S for many years, and I know the physical condition of Big S.After all, Big S has experienced a lot of difficulty in order to give birth to a second child.

We are not sure about pregnancy, but Huang Zijiao’s sucking D is supported by many netizens. Many netizens are looking through the picture of Da S who had participated in variety shows.Even walking needed to help. Although she said that it was because she had just finished production, it was a bit weak, but now in the eyes of many netizens, this is actually a quit reaction, which shows the weakness.

According to netizens, as early as before, the ex -husband of Da S had disclosed this incident, but no one believed that it was hard to believe that this incident was mentioned again.According to people familiar with the matter, Big S sucks D with this Junye as early as South Korea. Until now, after the two are together, Big S also needs Junye’s help.A normal person is so weak if nothing is done.

In the opinion of the editor, public figures should make good examples, and suction D must not be one of them.Many people have gone to astonishment because of drug use and become the "black hole" of life.As a public figure, he should recognize his responsibility as an example and establish the correct behavioral standard for fans.Public figures are highly respected because of their good images, but they are easily lost by some people to the wrong path.

Once exposed to the fact of suction D, it will not only destroy its own image, but even have a bad impact on the young people within the scope of its influence.The same public figure, as a representative of the example and the audience, should use themselves as a standard to guide fans to the right track of life.Su suction violates social values, violates public moral norms, and also violates the real pursuit of life.

We should establish a code of conduct with a good model, face up to our responsibilities, and maintain the public image.In our society, everyone is a public figure, and everyone’s words and deeds will affect the people around them.Therefore, we should all grasp our own code of conduct and become the right example.

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