Young pregnant mothers have repeated abortion, such people may only have a 5%probability to give birth to a "healthy baby"


Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital Obstetrics Ward

Novice mother Qianqian (pseudonym)

Watching the sleeping baby burst into tears and said affectionately

"Child, you don’t have to experience these sufferings …"

Qianqian, 27, was actively prepared with her husband after marriage, and was pregnant with her baby.Unexpectedly, at 7 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound examination found that the embryo stopped developing and had no abortion surgery.After 1 year of physical and mental recovery, Qian Qian was pregnant again, but the embryo stopped developing again at 7 weeks.

Pregnancy and abortion again and again.In addition to the pain in the body, the expectations of the family and the care of their friends have made Qianqian collapse."Why can’t I have children?" Looking at the children who jumped alive in the park, she blamed herself in her heart countless times.

It turned out that the dyeing problem was that in order to find the embryo to stop developing repeatedly, Qian Qian and her husband came to the Reproductive Medicine Center of Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital for medical treatment.After a detailed consultation, the couple suggested that the couple conducted chromosome tests. After the test results came out, the truth was finally white. Qianqian No. 5 and No. 8 chromosome occurred to be prone to the chromosomal balance.

Chromosome balance

The number and structure of chromosomes in normal human cells are relatively constant.When a section of a chromosome "moves" to another chromosomes, and the break -heavy connection does not affect the genetic function, it is called chromosomal balance.

▲ chromosome balance

Balanced transliteration carriers can in theory that 18 kinds of supporting can be formed when fertility offspring. Among them, the probability of normal babies in the pregnant chromosomes is only 1/18, and the chromosomes of babies of 1/18 are the same as Qianqian.The risk of repeated abortion, childbirth children with fertility, and children with low intelligence occur.

The chromosomal balance is an congenital abnormalities of the chromosome structure. At present, there is no drug treatment, and the abnormalities cannot be repaired in other ways.

Children, you do n’t have to experience these sufferings. At present, chromosomal balance -priced carriers can conduct genetic testing of the embryo before the embryo is implanted through the three -generation IVF technology, eliminating the embryo that may have aborted by the other.Ease chromosomes are effectively identified to effectively block the balancing of chromosomes to the child to pass to the child to avoid the baby’s in the future.Hearing the doctor’s explanation, Qian Qian said that this was the best news she heard, "Children don’t have to experience these sufferings I have gone through, all of which are worth it."

After ovulation treatment, the couple obtained a total of 7 blastocysts. After the test, it was prompted that 1 blastocyst did not see the number of chromosomal copies abnormal, and the remaining 6 blastocysts were chromosomal abnormalities.After the blastocyst is transplanted, Qian Qian was pregnant.Nine -week amniotic fluid puncture indicates that the fetus chromosomes are normal.Recently, Qianqian gave a healthy baby boy in a full -moon caesarean section.

As the second medical institution in the province and the first in the Jiaodong Peninsula to formally carry out pre -marin implantation (third -generation IVF), our hospital realizes the "full coverage" of human assisted reproductive technology projects.Since 4 months, 134 couples have received three -generation IVF technology.

Experts from Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Hospital reminded that there are many reasons for recurrence of abortion. Preparation couples with similar symptoms should not lose confidence, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, find the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.Couples with chromosomal balance, if successful natural pregnancy, should also be diagnosed.

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