You who are preparing for pregnancy, do you know the 8 major items you must do before pregnancy?

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If you want to care for your baby with peace of mind, you must be indispensable before pregnancy. The pregnancy examination is your quality examination during pregnancy. Only by ensuring that all your body is normal, you can prepare for pregnancy with peace of mind.

What are the must -check items during pregnancy?

1. Blood routine

Checking blood system diseases. If the mother suffers from anemia symptoms, it will cause complications such as postpartum hemorrhage and puerperium infections.

2. Urine routine

Check the kidney system disease. The long pregnancy of 280 days has a great test of the mother’s kidney system. The new metabolism of the mother’s body during pregnancy will accelerate and will increase the kidney bearing.

3. Pool

Check the digestive diseases. If pregnant mothers suffer from digestive system diseases, they will cause hidden dangers such as abortion and fetal malformations.

4. Liver function

Check the liver system disease. If the pregnant mother suffers from virus hepatitis, it will cause premature birth or even death, and hepatitis will also be transmitted to the child through the mother.

5. chest permeability

Check the lung disease. If it is not checked before pregnancy, the pregnancy mothers cannot be treated with drugs during pregnancy, and then delay the best treatment period.

6. Lands abnormal

Check the infection of trichomoniasis, mold, and bacteria. If women suffer from infectious diseases, they must be completely cured and then conceived. Dangerous diseases will cause babies to danger premature and abortion.

7, chromosome examination

Check the Chakk’s signs, Turner syndrome, infertility, etc.

8. Gynecological endocrine full set

Check irregular menstruation and ovarian diseases, such as women suffer from ovarian tumors, and have abortion and danger of premature birth during pregnancy.

Pre -pregnancy examination is a responsibility for the future of the baby.If you are preparing for pregnancy, don’t forget to check during pregnancy.

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