You must not know: What is the postpartum tinnitus after giving birth? What is postpartum tinnitus?How to treat

Tinnitus is no corresponding external sound source or electrical stimulus, and subjectively feels such a condition in the ears or intracranial sounds.Tinnitus patients are mostly concentrated in some specific groups, such as pregnant women, that is, expectant mothers.

Why do pregnant women tinnitus?Generally speaking, during pregnancy, due to the increased amount of luteal ketone secretion, the symptoms of tinnitus, nasal allergies, and nasal congestion are prone to occur due to the increased volume of luteal ketone. Generally, symptoms after delivery will improve.But some will continue.The process of giving birth to a child is a very sacred and great thing, but many people reflect the appearance of tinnitus symptoms after giving birth, and do not understand the disease, coupled with postpartum depression.The pressure on the top, thus promoting tinnitus, which has also had an impact on my life.

Due to excessive blood loss during childbirth, some mothers have dizziness and tinnitus. Under normal circumstances, they can disappear and relieve themselves. If they do not disappear by themselves, they need to be treated in time.So, what is the postpartum tinnitus?How to treat?

Anemia: Women are prone to anemia during pregnancy, and bleeding during the production process. Therefore, many obstetrics have varying degrees of anemia after gardening. Insufficient qi and blood will cause dizziness and tinnitus and faint vision.

Hypertension: If you have hypertension during pregnancy, you even have proteinuria (medicine known as a syndrome of pregnancy hypertension), and there will be tinnitus performance.

Fatigue: poor postpartum rest, weak body, excessive fatigue, causing plant nerve dysfunction, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

The postpartum tinnitus is complicated, and patients should be treated dialectically.Otherwise, it will not only be harmful to the mother’s body, but also endanger the baby in the 襁褓.

Postpartum tinnitus treatment is selected from Yizhi Smart Pills. Modern research suggests that Yiqi Smart Pills can repair ovarian function, promote estrogen secretion, improve microcirculation, regulate plant neurological disorders, thereby improving the neck and cervical arteriosclerosis.Qi and blood supply is abundant.Postpartum women have poor sleep, emotional instability, irritability, etc., which will lead to insufficient qi and blood, which will cause loss of ears and eyesight. At this time, taking Mami Deye qi and smart pills can significantly improve such problems.

Although tinnitus sounds like a very serious disease, everyone must also pay attention, because if it is not improved or treated, then some other complications may occur. The complications that produce are:

1. The external ears change.External ear diseases generally refer to embolism. If there is a head activity, it may cause tinnitus and bring great inconvenience and trouble to daily life.

2. Inner poleplasia lesions.Once this complication occurs, if it is severe, sensory nerve deafness may be caused, so you must pay attention to it. Once you find that there are problems with the hearing and the ears, you must attract attention to avoid missing the best treatment for the best treatment.Expect

3. Middle ear lesions.The pharyngeal tube that we often hear in otesocular lesions obstructs, otitis media, etc. These are common causes of tinnitus. The lesions around the omgue room will may produce fighting tinnitus.

4. Cardiovascular disease.Some people may not believe that tinnitus will be related to cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it is indeed related to it, and this is one of the most common causes of tinnitus, as well as high blood.Atherosclerosis will also cause pulsation tinnitus, and those with anemia will also increase the phenomenon of cardiac output.

5. Endocrine metabolic disease.If secretion disorders, hypothyroidism, etc., may cause fighting tinnitus, as well as those with vitamin deficiency, renal patients, and diabetes. The tinnitus caused by these people patients is many times higher than that of ordinary people.

How to avoid postpartum and lactating tinnitus?

1. Avoid noise.If you often come into contact with noise for a long time, or if you live in an impatient environment for a long time, then these may cause hearing to decline, and there may be tinnitus generation.Therefore, we must pay attention to noise protection measures, and we must stay in a noise environment for a long time.

2. Avoid mental stress and illness.Breastfeeding mothers, especially novice mothers, will definitely be relatively nervous in parenting. In addition, breast milk is relatively hard and tired. If night milk is many times, they feel extremely fatigue.It is easy to produce tinnitus. At this time, mothers must pay attention to relaxing themselves, to a little more attention and adjust their state.

3. Avoid bad habits.Both caffeine and alcohol are likely to aggravate tinnitus. Some mothers are too tired because they are tired of breastfeeding. They want to say that drinking coffee to refreshing. In fact, these are likely to make tinnitus worse.

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