You can’t raise a cat when you are pregnant. Ma Jianyue is persuaded. How about you?

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Recently, some friends asked me how to view Mango Satellite TV’s "New Year’s Diary". Because her daughter was pregnant, Ma Jianyue’s mother desperately asked Ma Jianyue to send the cat away.Although Xiaomei did not pay attention to the show of Mango Terrace, since the audience has demand, I went to make up for it.

In fact, Ma Jianyue is quite familiar, because when I was in Qi Qi, I was pretty pink. Ma Jianyue was a girl who dared to say and dare to do.I didn’t expect her to be a full cat slave.The new show of Mango Terrace invited a bunch of celebrity pregnant mothers to wait for delivery to record the production process of pregnant mothers.

After I went to make up for that show, I found that the scene was really familiar, because I believe that many cats raising families will face this problem. Some parents are also what Moma is Ma. Pregnancy is resolute and resolutely cannot raise cats.Such examples abound, and even a girlfriend who has been pregnant has encountered such problems.

To be honest, I can understand that the older cats are raised during pregnancy. I may understand that in their impression that pregnant women raising cats will endanger the baby in the belly, plus some articles reposted by friends in the circle of friends, "Pregnant womenInfection of Toxoplasma, Children can’t keep it "," You don’t know the major hazards of pregnant women to raise cats ", etc., are you familiar with it?No matter how familiar, the shock is not used, it is already the kindness of these people to the cats.

If you don’t believe me, I can make a sentence for you, shocked!My cat killed the baby in my stomach.

Look at these titles, and even a senior cat slave is trembling, let alone my parents who have no experience of cat raising, so I fully understand it, but we have to make sense.

The reason why people propose that pregnant women cannot raise cats, the biggest controversy in this argument is that the toxoplasma worms are afraid of infection of the toxoplasma infection during the pregnancy period.

To put it simply, Toxoplasma is a parasitic, they parasitize in the host’s body, and unfortunately cats are one of their hosts, and they are endowners.And infected others.

Because of the weak immunity during pregnancy, it is easy to infect various diseases. Gow -shaped worms are also among them. Infection of Toxoplasma may cause malformations of the fetus, newborn diseases, miscarriage, or dead tires, so everyone is frightened.

I have heard a saying. Pregnant women want to infected toxoplasma, need to eat cats’ shit, and need to eat hot shit. We must not be so absolute.This question.

First of all, after a cat is infected with the toxoplasma, they will excrete the bow -shaped worm, which means that the bowworm is in the cat’s cat shit, but the cat pulls out the ovaries of the bowworm.It takes 1 to 5 days to wait.

So what do we need to do if we want to infected the toxoplasma infection?First of all, we have to raise a cat, and then let this cat infect the toxoplasma worm, wait for the cat to pull the shit.Seeing what buns are on the table, steamed buns and eating directly, then we may be infected with bow -shaped worms.

So I want to ask all the shoveling officers here, who would do so?Can you shovel cat litter with bare hands?Or do you not shovel for 5 days?Or do you not wash your hands after shit?

Seriously, all cases of infection of Toxoplasma infected by cats have been transmitted by cats, but not most. Most of the cases of infection of Toxoplasma worms are caused by eating raw meat and drinking water.Being infected by your cat infected, I want to persuade pregnant women to do not eat raw beef and fish.

By the way, some young guests in the show, such as Ying Caier, also objected to cats during pregnancy. Ying Caier felt that the cat’s hair was very thin.There will be some bacteria. Where do children go to climb?

For this matter, I must first say something for the babies: dear parents, uncle aunts, grandparents, although we are young, we also have nose hair!About 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s hair follicles have begun to develop, and nose hair is also hair, so of course, the new hair follicles are really softer than adults, but is there any good!

Human nasal cavity can filter out harmful substances such as granular dust bacteria inhaled inhaled. The diameter of cat hair is 30 microns, and harmful substances with more than 15 microns have been filtered out by our nasal cavity.!

Then we talked about the problem of allergies. The allergies were ubiquitous in our lives. Some people were allergic to eggs, some people were allergic to pollen, some people were allergic to mango, and even some people were allergic.Cat hair is allergic to the cat’s tiny protein, which is allergic to cats, but after all, a minority. If you want to confirm whether your child is allergic to the cat, you can go to the hospital for a investigation.

Well, I have said so much, I am not encouraging everyone to raise cats during pregnancy, and I can’t see the so -called moral abduction. I want everyone to understand that the combination of pregnant women is definitely not so terrible.Cats are allergic, and cats must also do deworming inside and outside. If the sanitation and cat’s sanitation in the home are OK, cats can live peacefully with pregnant women and babies.

I also hope that everyone should not pass on it, because casual abandonment in this city has become a big problem. The baby in the stomach is the baby’s babies, and the cat is also the heart of the shovel officials.

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