You can’t imagine the truth of the flow of people, really cruel, don’t get a baby anymore, that is murder

Do you know a movie "Silent Scream"?It has aroused a lot of arguments and was banned by the TV station after review because it made people feel emotional.This film is looking at the situation of a baby girl who is an eleven weeks.

This movie uses new sound wave technology to let us see a child’s outline in the uterus.The baby girl is struggling, but it is unable to resist the pump, so the head is torn off, followed by you to see that the dead child is dismembered, the head is crushed, and then it is sucked away.

No one who has seen this movie will also talk about painless abortion.A doctor who performed this abortion surgery couldn’t bear to watch the film. He immediately rushed to the outside of the play room. Although he had done thousands of abortion surgery, he never performed it again in the future.

Most abortion was carried out within the first 11 weeks, and the fetus was still small. You can use a powerful suction device to suck him out. The ability of this pump is 25 times that of ordinary home vacuum cleaners.This method is called Suction Curettage. The power of the pump is torn or twisted the body of the fetus, and the limbs are torn away until only the head is left.The head of the fetus is too large and cannot be passed from the straw, so the abortion person needs to insert it into the uterus with pliers, capture this floating head, and then crush it until the pipe can be pumped, then the head is also the head.It was removed.

Dr. Nifenchun described this process: Basically, the fetus was chopped, and then sucked out with a pump. When it came out, it was just a pile of meat.

Many developed countries and most religions have strongly opposed abortion.However, many women have taken abortion improperly. Many girls use abortion to lose weight and breast enhancement.Many doctors are also irresponsible and do not talk about the harm of abortion at all, causing women to be harmful in a mess.

When the pumping tube rotates in the uterus, the membrane and liquid around the fetus are immediately removed, the small creatures are also torn, and finally, the placenta connected to the uterine epidermis is also pulled out.There is a manual to seal the abortion at this stage as the following description: Whenever you notice that there is a material inflow into the pipe, the activity will stop until it flows out, and then continue to turn.Pink tissue mixed with blood flows out through plastic pipes little by little.

Another abortion program is called D & E "Dilation and Evacuation".This program is usually used for 4 to 8 months.The cervix is expanded. It is not a pump that inserts the uterus, but it is the surgical pliers (like a big tool tong), clamp the fetus’s body, twist the part one by one, take it out one by one, and then press the spine and the skull bone pressure one by one.Pull out, scrape it with a cutter or a sharp oval knife.

In D & C "Dilation and Curretage" surgery, the knife was placed in the uterus and rotated. When an obstacle was encountered, the knife scraped it concentrated.In other words, the fetus’s arm may be cut away, the legs are cut away, the face is cut, the head is cut off, the body is dismembered, the cut is cut into many thin blocks, and then the body and the placenta are pumped out …

The technical term of the fetal body is planned to be fragmented.These operations have many incubation crisis. If abortion surgery is cut or smoked by the fetus, all parts of the body must be cautious to confirm that the entire baby is outside the uterus, because any part of the fetus is left in the uterus.There will be a danger of infection.In 1978, a report that submitted the "Association Planned Parenthood" report was described as the following description: D & E technology:

"In order to reduce the injury of the uterine mouth, the fetus is divided into thin blocks and pulled out, because the size and shape of the fetus’s head are usually the most difficult to be crushed and pulled out. The staff must count each bone of the fetus …"

Another abortion procedure is the "Saline Method", which is the salt poisoning method. It is used in 4 to 7 months and is the most commonly used method in the 1970s.This surgery uses a three -inch and a half -inch needle, inserted from the mother’s abdominal wall to the ammiotic SAC, draws 200mm amniotic fluid, and then replaces with a strong salt water.In this program, the fetus swallowed salt and "breathe" in the salt. Basically, the skin of the fetus was ironed by salt and was slowly poisoned. ThereforeAnd withered baby.Occasionally, some babies survive in this procedure, and they have serious complications in their birth, because "in the process, the baby’s tissue and organs are destroyed by bleeding, and the arterial vein rupture has a huge bruises on the body.

Other abortion methods are stimulated with prostinin.Prostaglandin contains some hormones. When being injected or used in the uterine muscles, it can damage the blood circulation of the fetus, contraction violently, and then excreted.Because prostaglandins are not directly toxic about unborn fetuses, such abortion methods have more fetal fetuses that were born due to the failure of the saline method.The failure of the fetal failure makes the medical staff very troublesome, especially the mother: "The baby is struggling for survival., Mother will have a period of blame.

Usually, if the child is still alive, they will let him starve to death, and they also strangle or kill him.

In fact, because these abortion methods are very unbearable, D & E is invented, just to avoid the problem of unsuccessful tires.While the fetus was still "hidden" in the uterus, he cut, crushed, or poisoned him. The result was still fatal, but it was not so clear for mothers and medical staff.In any case, its impact on pharmaceutical staff is still the same.

The body part of the excreted fetus, or the still warm fetus, sometimes even breathe) sliced or chopped. "…

Doctors are also inevitable.Many countries have reported that more and more doctors have collapsed because of guilt.

Another method is called Hysterotomy. During the period of 6 to 8 months, this method has only one difference with Caesarean Section. The entire surgery is to murder the baby, not to save him.This operation was cut into the stomach, straight into the uterus, removed the baby, did not take care of him, let him die, or he died in his mother’s body (the baby could not be strangled outside the uterus).Once the baby is outside the uterus, he cannot be killed; otherwise the doctor will commit the crime of murder.According to the law, he can only be starved to death.

This is the end of a small life, and we have no right to do this for life.Maybe just because of your mistakes, in fact, this tragedy can be avoided many times!

Most of the girls did not dare to inform their family after pregnancy and did not dare to go to a regular hospital for treatment.At present, in response to these phenomena, some private hospitals have made people’s exciting slogans- "safe painless and no harm of the palace", and promised to perform "Palace in Palace" in the flow of people.In fact, these are just beautiful lies!

Artificial abortion refers to the use of electric attractions to use electric attractions within 5 to 11 weeks of pregnancy.As for the 11 to 16 weeks of pregnancy, the inpatient drug abortion is needed. If the pregnancy reaches 16 to 20 weeks, the abortion of the uterine cavity is required.Under the conditions of not expanding the palace, abortion surgery cannot be performed at all, so the injury is inevitable.The technology that adopts vein system anesthesia can indeed achieve the effect of "painless abortion", but this only refers to the "painless" during surgery. The uterus will shrink after surgery.It can also cause complications.

Generally speaking, artificial abortion is prone to six major complications: incomplete flow, uterine perforation, leakage, infection, bleeding, and abortion syndrome.People flowing syndrome occurs during abortion surgery, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, chest tightness, pale complexion, sweating, cold limbs, lower blood pressure, and arrhythmia. In severe cases, faint and convulsions will occur.The cause of the cause is that the mental is too tight, the local stimulation is too strong, and the nerve reflex is excited, which releases a large amount of acetylcholine in the body, promotes coronary arteries spasm, myocardial contraction force weakens, and heart blood blood volume is reduced.

The chance of complications in adults is about 15%.However, because the development of girls’ reproductive organs has not yet fully matured, the difficulty of abortion surgery has increased, so that the chance of complications is generally higher than adults.For example, the cervix of a girl is narrow and prone to cervical damage; the girl’s reproductive tract is not complete, which will cause reproductive tract damage during the operation.From a long -term perspective, after the flow of girls, the girl is often put into a normal learning life immediately, ignoring the protection of the reproductive tract.Inflammation, fallopian tubeitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., even lead to spontaneous abortion, premature birth, chronic cervicitis, cervical injury, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, uterine cavity, placental implantation in the uterine wall muscles and childbirth during childbirth.Wait, you can’t even conceive naturally …

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