You can’t eat spicy or raising dogs when you are pregnant … 6 pregnancy rumors, don’t believe anymore anymore

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are often careful, so I dare not eat, and then dare not do it. I am afraid that the baby will often share some taboos of "coming people", even "judge gender".method.But does these so -called "experience talks" really make sense?

Rum 1:

During pregnancy, expectant mothers have good skin, girls are pregnant with girls, the skin becomes black, and the boy is pregnant?


During the pregnancy, women’s pituitary stimulating hormone secretion will increase.At the same time, the level of progesterone and estrogen levels has increased. These two hormones have melanocyte stimulation effects and can also promote melanin.Pigmentation is one of the normal phenomena of pregnancy, which is related to the changes in endocrine during pregnancy and has nothing to do with children.

Pigmentation may be slightly different in different pregnant women, including: the whole person becomes black; nipples, areola, underarms, and vulva turn black; a "black line" in the middle of the abdomen; cheeks, nose, lips around the lips"Pregnancy chloasma" appears.

Pigmentation gradually reduces after childbirth, but most women cannot restore the skin color before pregnancy.However, if the original mole during pregnancy is significantly darkened, bigger, ulcer, and satellite stoves around, it may be a disease signal, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

Rum two:

I like to eat sour sons after pregnancy, like to eat sweet daughter?


The sex of the baby is determined by the chromosomes carried by the sperm combined with the egg. When the X -type sperm is combined with the egg cells, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XX, a gender woman; when the Y -type sperm is combined with the egg cells, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XY, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XY, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XY, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XY, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XY.Gender men, this process is random and has nothing to do with the taste of pregnant women.

The changes in the taste of pregnant women and the endocrine changes, physiological reactions, psychology, and dietary habits in different regions are related to factors.If you did n’t like spicy food and suddenly loved to eat after pregnancy, it may be because the elevated progesterone was relaxed, and the sour and spicy foods were appetizing.

Rum three:

The pregnant woman’s belly button is raised, and the son is born?


The protruding or depression of the pregnant woman’s navel is normal, which has nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

The reason for the protruding navel may be:

1. Pregnant women are relatively thin and weak, and their skin elasticity is poor.

2. The fetus gradually grows up the abdominal pressure of the pregnant woman, and the navel will be "blown", which may even form hernia.

3. Pregnant women often cough, do housework or exercise in improper exercise during pregnancy, resulting in increased abdominal pressure.

4. If the fetus is horizontal, the stomach of the pregnant woman looks round, and the navel protruding is not obvious. If it is vertical, the pregnant woman’s belly looks sharp, and the navel protruding is more obvious.

Rum 4:

Can’t you eat spicy?

As long as you are not uncomfortable after eating chili, you can eat it in moderation and enjoy it with confidence.Not only will it not have adverse effects on the fetus, but it can also add nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, carotene, and potassium minerals.For pregnant mothers with poor appetite, proper spicy food can also enhance appetite and increase eating.

Rum 5:

You can’t eat crabs, hawthorn, lychee, and longan, otherwise you will have a miscarriage?

The most common cause of natural abortion is the abnormalities of embryo chromosomes.In addition, pregnant women’s endocrine disorders, abnormal reproductive tract, and unhealthy lifestyle are also common reasons.Eating crabs, hawthorn, lychee, and longan will not cause embryo chromosome abnormalities, nor will it cause the pregnant mother’s endocrine disorders and reproductive tract abnormalities, and it is not a unhealthy lifestyle and will not cause miscarriage.

What is really not recommended to eat pregnant women is: foods that are raw or half -lifetime, milk and dairy products and wines that have not been disinfected.

Rum 6:

Can I raise cats and dogs in pregnancy?Will it cause abortion or deformity?

It can be raised, but it is not suitable for everyone, and you need to pay attention to scientific feeding.

Toxoplasma disease is a human beast caused by a rigid bow -shaped tapestrogly in a variety of animals.According to existing data, one -third of the world has infected with toxoplasma.However, human and animals can obtain lifelong immunity after the cure of toxoplasma isalation, and the toxoplasma should be cleared in time when the infection is infected again.

For dogs, they are just like humans. They are just the middle hosts of the toxoplasma worm. They cannot discharge the infectious bow -shaped hormon, so don’t worry too much.

For cats, although they are the main source of infection of Toxoplasma worms, if you have been raising before pregnancy, you have not taken the cat out of the outside, do not feed raw meat, prevent or deworming.Cat dung and wash your hands to pay attention to hygiene, but just touch it, the problem is not big.If you are more worried, you can perform serum learning TORCH test during pregnancy.However, there are no antibodies in the body, and pregnant women who are diagnosed with the first infection of Toxoplasma should not be raised for the time being.

Measures to prevent arch -gangs infection:

1. Family animals regularly go to regular institutions for physical examination, deworming, and do not feed cats for cats.Pay attention to personal protection, especially after treatment of cat feces.

2. Change the bad eating habits, pay attention to the separation of raw cooked, do not eat unkained animal meat, and do not drink uninterrupted dairy products.

In fact, compared with some rumors that are not known and false and unreliable, expectant mothers need to do more on time, listen to the doctor’s advice carefully, and hope that every expectant mother can enjoy the life during pregnancy.Welcome to the arrival of new life.

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