You can swim properly during pregnancy, but pay attention to these

In recent years, prospective mothers have become a topic that many people are interested in. Swimming can promote the health of expectant mothers and prevent obesity caused by too little activity. When swimming, it can also help delivery exercises.Ground delivery.So is all expectant mothers suitable for swimming?What are the precautions for expectant mothers when swimming?

These preparations before swimming are not less

1. The physical examination and health certificate should be handled before swimming.

2. Move your body before launching to prevent the phenomenon of leg cramps in water

3. Add a certain energy before swimming

4. Before launching the water, be sure to measure blood pressure and measure the pulse. In addition, you must make a comprehensive and detailed inspection of your physical condition. You can swim in the water in the body. You must have a swimming coach.

5. It is best to choose the constant temperature swimming pool

6. Swimming is not for all expectant mothers. It is necessary to accept the diagnosis of doctors. If there are miscarriage, possible premature birth or illness, or doctors prohibit swimming, they cannot participate

If there is no complication or a worrying symptoms and the pregnancy is smooth, you can start swimming after entering the stable period in the 4th month

1. Free swimming

Free swimming is a way to swim with both hands.Because the muscles from the shoulder to the wrist can be used to promote further development of blood circulation and breast glands, it can also prevent foot edema and venous tumors, as well as exercise abdominal muscles

2. Folder

The backstroke can improve the blood circulation of breasts and exercise the abdominal muscles. This posture needs to straighten the back, so it can relieve the tension of the back

3. Relax on the water

The supine position floats on the water, and the muscles of the whole body are not stirring. It is particularly suitable for learning. You can also practice breathing method.

4. Sitting meditation in water

Sink under the pool, sit on your legs, hold your breath for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and separate the hip joint, which is conducive to mastering the breathing method

Under the action of buoyancy, the burden of expectant mothers will be reduced. Swimming is a systemic exercise. It is a good exercise for increasing physical strength and mastering breathing.

1. Swimming can stretch the limbs, enhance physical and muscles, and strengthen bones. It is beneficial to the body of pregnant mothers. It can also lay a good physical foundation for the heavy feeding work in the future.

2. Swimming during pregnancy can enhance cardiopulmonary function, and the buoyancy in the water can reduce the load of the joints. Through the effect of water massage and buoyancy, it can eliminate the fatigue of pregnant women due to the weight of the body, alleviate the symptoms of backache symptoms of back pain in pregnant women.

3. It can improve blood circulation and eliminate uncomfortable symptoms such as leg edema, venous corraphy, hemorrhoids such as the poor blood circulation of the lower limbs, and it is not easy to sprain muscles and joints

4. Can relax the body and mind, relieve stress, relieve anxiety and tension, and help improve insomnia

5. Moderate exercise can help the digestion of food, which can prevent constipation and weight gain too fast

6. You can strengthen the strength of the abdominal ligament, exercise the pelvic joints, increase the volume of lungs, and make better preparation for smooth delivery

These precautions for swimming for expectant mothers must not be ignored

1. Specific mothers during pregnancy are suitable for those who usually swim. If you do n’t have a swimming habit before pregnancy, do n’t deliberately do this exercise

2. If the water temperature is too cold and lower than 28 ° C, the uterine contraction will be stimulated, which may cause premature or abortion; the water temperature is too high and exceeds 32 ° C, it will easily cause fatigue

3. It should be swimming when the contraction is not very bad. This period of time is usually from 10 am to 2 pm. From the 15th weeks of pregnancy, you can start to swim

4. Swimming should not choose a severe swimming posture during pregnancy.

5. Wear non -slip slippers to prevent slipping

6. Moisture at any time before swimming and during swimming to avoid dehydration, avoid fatigue, do not stretch too much

7. Swimming pools that should be in good water quality and rescue equipment and life -saving personnel

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