You can learn from the experience from pregnancy to giving birth!Use the right social security to save you a lot of money

"I heard that God can’t be everywhere, so he created a mother", they are like the patron saint of children.

Many Baoma will experience the changes in mood since she is pregnant with her baby. On the one hand, she will give birth to the joy of new life, and on the other hand, they will encounter many confusion:

There are a lot of expenses for pregnancy. Can maternity insurance be reimbursed?Without a job, can my husband’s maternity insurance be reported? Worry about the child’s illness, is there any insurance that a baby can buy?… …

Today, let’s talk about these issues together, hoping to provide some help to expectant mothers.

For the healthy growth of the baby, the expectant mothers had to run the hospital for a production inspection every three differences.There are few thousands of spending throughout pregnancy, as many as tens of thousands.

So, can we usually pay for this cost?How to reimburse?

1. How to report the maternity insurance you pay?

The social security paid by office workers every month includes maternity insurance.

The cost of maternity insurance is paid by the company, and individuals do not need to pay.You can enjoy the following treatment during pregnancy:

Reimbursement of production inspection expenses: B -ultrasound, early pregnancy, Tang’s screening, fetal heart monitoring and other reimbursement production expenses: smooth production, caesarean section, reimbursement of a certain percentage of fertility allowances: generally can receive wages of about 3 months, specifically local policies as as local policies as as as local policies.allow

There are differences in the number of fertility fees, and there are differences in various places.After repeated telephone confirmation with the Social Security Bureau, we finally sorted out the following form:

It can be seen that the reimbursement rules of maternity insurance in various places are large.If you want to reimburse the cost of having children, you must also meet certain conditions:

Maternity insurance must be paid for 6 months or even 1 year.When applying, it is also necessary to pay the state (specifically based on local policies).

If you meet these conditions, you need to reimburse the cost of the production inspection and childbirth, you need to apply for maternity registration in advance.

But in reality, many pregnant mothers will resign at home, concentrate on raising tires, and have no maternity insurance.So can my husband’s maternity insurance be reimbursed?

2. Can you report with your husband’s maternity insurance?

During work, men’s maternity insurance can generally enjoy paid accompanying maternity leave and family planning costs.

If the spouse of male employees does not work, they can apply for disposable fertility subsidies.

However, there are only individual cities that can use maternity insurance to reimburse their children to give birth to children, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Below, we take Guangzhou and Shenzhen as an example to see how much reports?

It can be seen that the proportion of reimbursement in various places is different. Shenzhen is a fixed reimbursement, while Guangzhou is the fertility cost within the scope of social security reimbursement, which is reimbursed according to a certain proportion.

Generally speaking, maternity medical expenses such as inspection and childbirth can save a lot of spending after reimbursement with maternity insurance.

If you want to know whether you can use your husband’s maternity insurance, it is recommended to call the local social security bureau telephone "area code + 12333" for consultation.

It is said that pregnancy is a lucky thing, and every family is full of expectations for the advent of new life.

For pregnant mothers, she faces not only the happiness of the baby’s birth, but also needs to bear physical changes and unknown risks.

1. What are the risks of pregnancy?

The probability of the risk of pregnancy is small, and the risks that may face are mainly:

Pregnant mothers: complications during pregnancy, such as hypertension, diabetes, amniotic fluid embolism and other new babies: due to genetic and environmental impacts, newborn babies may face risks of premature birth, jaundice and other risks

When these risks occur, high medical expenses are usually incurred.

In terms of newborn babies, if prematurely stays in the neonatal intensive care (NICU), the daily fee may be tens of thousands.

2. How to deal with these risks?

Although the probability of giving birth is very low, we can also plan and ensure early planning to give ourselves and babies with peace of mind.

For example, preparing a pregnancy dysentery, which not only guarantees the complications of pregnancy, but also provides neonatal congenital diseases and intensive custody protection, which is wider than social security reimbursement.

Preparation insurance is relatively niche insurance, and there are not many products on the market.But after searching through the entire network, we selected 4 products:

Speaking of conclusions directly:

If you are worried about pregnancy complications: the best preservation of good pregnant mothers, severe complications such as placental peeling, amniotic fluid embolism, eclampsia and other serious complications, and 50,000 insurance amounts are paid at one time.If you are worried about the risk of newborns: For example, good pregnant mothers can reimburse the cost of severe treatment of premature infants, and can be reimbursed up to 100,000; if you are worried that newborns are deformities (such as rabbit lips, congenital heart disease, etc.), you can choose Allianan Xiaoxing pregnancy.

The protection of each product has its own focus, and you can choose according to your own needs.If the budget is sufficient and you want to be fully guaranteed, you can also buy it.

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