You can eat any fish during pregnancy. These taboos must be known

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◇ Fish seafood rich omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for fetal growth and development

◇ Fish eating fish during pregnancy is faced with potential risks and mercury pollution of parasites

◇ Choose low -polluting fish, cook cooked, and eat the amount of fish per week during pregnancy and control it in two meals.

These dishes can be eaten straight, but can fish seafood be eaten during pregnancy?October fungus will tell you how to eat these delicious gestational pregnancy!

The people who eat into the mouth are full of omega-3 fatty acids

Seafood such as fish and shellfish is rich in high -quality protein and iron, zinc and other key nutrients.Some fish contains high fatty acids of omega-3 (Omega 3), which can promote the development of the fetus, and fish with fats are exactly the best source of ω-3 fatty acids.We usually say that DHA/EPA belongs to a kind of omega-3 fatty acids.For women during pregnancy, they are an essential part of a balanced diet.

In addition to fish seafood, ω-3 fatty acids can also be supplemented by the following sources:

Pay attention to eating fish during pregnancy:


If you are pregnant, you need to be careful of the potential threat to health to health.Try to avoid eating raw fish during pregnancy -they are likely to have some parasites such as worms and worms.The Ma Ma who loves to eat sashimi is to be taboo!

The most effective way to kill fish parasites and their young eggs is to cook or freeze fish.In safety considerations, the cooking of fish in October should be carried out under the conditions of 60 ° C.After the cooking, fish food must be obtained as opaque and thin.For pregnant mothers, only some cooked sushi types are safe and eaten, such as eel rolls and California rolls.

Mercury pollution

Whether it is freshwater or sea fish, the most worrying pollution is mercury pollution (more precisely, it is a compound of mercury element -methyl mercury).If the diet of a pregnant woman contains too much mercury, the development of the fetal brain and nervous system will be damaged.

October fungus tells you to eat fish seafood like this:

1. Four kinds of fish cannot be eaten

Pregnant mothers, women with a pregnancy plan, breastfeeding mothers and children should try to avoid eating sharks, arrow fish, king, and horse head fish, because their mercury content in their bodies is very high.Fish liver often contains high methyl mercury and other organic pollutants, so pregnant mothers and mothers of lactation should also be avoided as much as possible.

The five most common aquatic products with low mercury content are: shrimp, canned freshwater tuna, salmon, cod, catfish, sardine, phoenix, salmon and catfish.Long fin tuna contains a high mercury, so the tuna pieces are the best choice, but it is best to eat tuna per week that it is not more than 198 grams.

2. You can eat two or three times a week

According to the safety range recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generally, breastfeeding women can eat up to 340 grams of cooking seafood (about two meals for ordinary meals) per week.

October bacteria reminder: Cooking must ensure that the internal temperature of the fish reaches above 61 ° C.The fish should be cooked until the meat can be easily separated into pieces, and the color is opaque; shrimp, lobster and scallops must be cooked as white.The shells need to be cooked until the shell is opened, and those who are not open should be thrown away.

3. On the whole fish, the fish head and fish skin can be eaten

Even the unit mercury content of the unit is really more than fish. The mercury intake is mainly from fish.If you like fish heads and fish skin, there is no need to endure love.Therefore, fish heads and fish skin can be eaten. The key is to choose small polluting fish.

As for the strange parts of fish seeds, fish bubbles, and fish eyes, they are also available. They are not easy to gather pollutants, but don’t expect fish eyes to be clear.

There are some "carp -shaped carpae" fish gallbladder is toxic. Be careful of these fish: catfish, dumplings (Wuchang fish), catfish, catfish, cattle, crickets, carp, grass carp, etc.Essence

80% of patients with bile poisoning were put down by grass carp, but do not eat grassfish anymore in October. In fact, we will eliminate the fish gallbladder and treat the whole fish clean.It will not be poisoned. In addition, the average person will vomit because it is difficult to withstand the bitterness of bile. There are very few intake agents. No one will not think of eating fish gall, so he is too worried.

4. Do not eat fresh fish, eat less canned fish, pickled fish

Instead of fresh fish or dead fish will gradually corrupted, affecting the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.Canned foods generally contain more preservatives, which is not conducive to mother and baby health.Pickled food contains a large amount of second metastic nitrite, which will increase the risk of cancer after birth.

October Morphology

In fact, you can eat fish seafood in moderation during pregnancy. Choose a small polluting fish to clean it. Generally, all fish seafood can be eaten after cooking at high temperature. Eat two to three times a week.should.Proper supplementing omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients are good for fetal baby and pregnant mothers.

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