Yao Chen unloaded next month, saying that the belly was about to explode.

After Yao Chen was pregnant, he always insisted on fitness exercise. Although he was in a big belly, he still looked beautiful. According to a report, Yao Chen could remove the heavy baby in his belly next month.

In October of pregnancy, every woman was looking forward to the moment of childbirth. Although looking forward to it, she has a little fear in her heart.In fact, childbirth is not as terrible as everyone imagined. As long as you learn more about the common sense of childbirth, then you can easily look at the trivial matter of childbirth.

1. Which symptoms indicate that you are about to give birth

Generally, in the hours of childbirth or about a week, some pregnant mothers will feel that the mother seems to fall off. At this time, don’t be nervous, because this is the head of the fetus in the stomach.The reason, so pregnant women feel that way.

With the increase of vaginal secretions, the feeling of pregnant women at this time became clearer.During pregnancy, the substances secreted by the vagina are blocked due to the viscous relationship and can not come.A few days ago, the cervix was swollen a few days ago. At this time, pregnant women will obviously feel that their vagina secretions are more than usual.If the liquid of the vagina is like flowing water, then at this time, be wary of the breaking of amniotic fluid.

2. What preparation should be made before childbirth

During the birth of pregnant women, the doctor will calculate the childbirth time according to the time of pregnancy, but this time is a approximate value, which may be advanced or postponed.So it usually takes about one month in labor,

Pregnant women must prepare the items that newborn need to use, bottle, clothes, urine bags, etc., in order to prepare from time to time.

For the first birth of pregnant women, they will inevitably have a psychology of fear and fear. This is completely understandable.

However, you must overcome this emotion during delivery. If you are nervous, you will only make you breathing unsatisfactory and increase the difficulty of giving birth.In fact, childbirth is not as terrible as everyone imagined, just relax and treat it.

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