Xu Jiaying talked about pregnancy: more terrible than big belly fat buttocks, it is constipation

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Summary: Constipation is really the "heart hate" of many pregnant mothers.

Pregnancy must be the most wonderful journey of a woman’s life.

A small life grows slowly in the body, kicks and kicks, and sometimes stretchs small fists. It is really wonderful.

However, when you meet constipation, constipation is the spicy hand that destroys the happy little flower.

The constipation was really bitter, so that a mother said: The joy and sorrow of my pregnancy depends on whether there is a large number that day!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

How many mothers have the same feeling?IntersectionThe new pregnant mother Xu Jiaying is even one.

The day before yesterday, the heavenly singer Xu Jiaying announced her pregnancy, holding the "Pregnant Women’s Health Manual", which was more gentle than the stage.

Because "I am a singer 4", many people deeply remember Xu Jiaying, who evaluated Xu Jiaying in this way: "After the golden song, the natural singer, the dark horse singer, the most underestimated female singer in the Chinese music sceneone."

Low -key, humble, dull, talented, unwavering ….. It is the fans’ evaluation of Xu Jiaying. The song she sings is good and emotional. The words she wrote may not be gorgeous, but there is a story and connotation.

And Xu Jiaying after pregnancy, the words written are even more moving.

"Now I have two hearts, one mother gave me a little, and one I want to have a little brother. I have been operating in my body like a chocolate adventure factory for five months.What about chocolate? There is never such a strong sense of unknown, but I am not afraid, because now I have two hearts. "

The days of the two hearts can make pregnant mothers have endless power to defeat many unknown emotions and difficulties.

Xu Jiaying, who was pregnant for 5 months, had a serious pregnancy response, and there was no less fatigue and dullness of big belly. The little guy seemed to tell my mother with these reactions: I am good, the water is very fun, and then how happy you are so happy that you have any movement.How big.

But the baby brings far more than that, but also endless endless and elusive -constipation!

It seems that Xu Jiaying is also troubled by constipation. This kind of day when the bathroom "comes out of all calls" is really the years that every pregnant mother does not want to look back.

But as Xu Jiaying said: In the year of life, we cheer up, and the two hearts can give us a lot of courage — becoming a mother.

Constipation -really the "heart hate" of many pregnant mothers.

Constipation is very common during pregnancy. It has started since the early stages of pregnancy. It is the most common in the middle and late pregnancy. Almost half of the pregnant mothers have experienced constipation after the middle of pregnancy.

When Li Ai participated in the Diary of the Freshman, he publicly stated that he was deeply troubled by constipation.

Although he was 40 years old, Li Ai was very smooth.

But what she did not expect was: I would wholesale Kaishe during pregnancy!This is really troublesome!

Li Ai also issued three questions: Do you do n’t want to go to the toilet?Then do you have no state of constipation?Don’t you use Kaiseru?

Many pregnant mothers who were present in this section said: There are!Can Sister Ai Kaiseru?

In Zhihu, many mothers asked questions: What should I do if constipation during pregnancy?

Then many pregnant mothers shared their experience of constipation during pregnancy, which is really a bitter history.

"Every time I have a stool like a battlefield, I have a stool to the anus, but I won’t come out, so I cry!"

"I started constipation at 4 months of pregnancy. I was not smooth to go to the toilet today. I was too uncomfortable.

"I also have a history of constipation of constipation, 2 months of pregnancy, constipation is crying."

"Constipation during pregnancy is really painful. He still suffocated hemorrhoids in the third trimester. It hurts when walking and sitting down. No one starts.

Too many mothers suffer from constipation. It does not seem to be a problem, but it can always make people unhappy. If constipation is called "hemorrhoids", it is really sour.

Why do constipation during pregnancy?Is there a solution?

In fact, the reason why pregnant mothers suffer from constipation are related to the changes in the body during pregnancy and their living habits.

Character changes, uterine pressure, prenatal vitamins (iron, calcium) are responsible for constipation during pregnancy.

1. Change hormone during pregnancy -culprit

One to 40 % of pregnant mothers will have constipation.Mainly because the changes in hormones during pregnancy make the smooth muscle relaxation of the intestine and reduce the normal peristalsis of the intestine, which will cause normal intestinal peristalsis to encounter traffic jams, and it is naturally not smooth when the bowel movement is blocked.

In addition, intestinal cells during pregnancy will absorb more water than usual, which will also lead to constipation.

2. The uterus compress the intestine -the motivation to lose defecation

As the pregnancy age increases, the uterus will become larger and larger. The increased baby will put pressure on the rectum. This is the last section of the intestine. Before you are ready to defecate, the feces will be stored there. This kind of pressure will beSlowing intestinal peristalsis.

Just like the compression of the transportation pipeline, this is one of the reasons for constipation.

3. Life factors -also be responsible for constipation

Without sufficient fiber, no drinking liquid, not exercising, sitting for a long time, these bad habits will make normal people may have constipation, let alone pregnant mothers.

4. Some prenatal vitamins -can also lead to constipation

I never expected that some prenatal vitamins would cause constipation. This is true!

In the middle and late pregnancy, anemia or cramp mothers may need to supplement calcium and iron, and these supplements may also cause constipation.

How to solve constipation during pregnancy?Prevention+relief can fight against it!

1. Change the diet -counterattack it with high fiber food

High -fiber diet can stimulate and promote intestinal peristalsis, help prevent and relieve constipation. It can also provide pregnant mothers with the required vitamins and antioxidants. Well, eat it.

Each intake of 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber does not need to be accurately calculated. Just look at the food label.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, small lentils, bran grains, plums and whole wheat bread are high -fiber foods. They are scattered all day long. If you eat it at one time, it will cause flatulence and eat less meals to be healthy.

2. Resist the exquisite food with empty tables -professional drag on the hind legs

Try to avoid eating refined grains (white bread, refined grain and pasta), because they will cause constipation to increase.

3. Drink -flush the intestine with water

Drink plenty of water to ensure that the daily intake of water is 1500ml-2000ml, water, vegetable juice, fruit juice and broth are good choices.

Pinded water can accelerate the flow of digestive tract and soften feces, and can also drink warm lemonade to help stimulate intestinal peristalsis (intestinal contraction that helps gastrointestinal motility).

If constipation is serious, Ximei juice is a good choice, and Xi Mei is known as mild laxatives.

4. Eat less meals -reduce the burden of gastrointestinal and intestines

Eating a meal will increase the burden on the digestive tract, which will make the constipation more serious. Eat 5-6 meals a day, do not eat three meals a day, and eat less greasy and cause foods that cause abdominal distension.

5. There is a intention -immediately go to squat pit

If you hold it, you will weaken the muscles that control the intestines and cause constipation. Therefore, you will go to the bathroom if you have any intention, or walk back and forth to brew it. Remember to remember that the habit of developing regular bowel movements can also alleviate constipation:

① Develop the habit of going to the bathroom in the morning, get up to drink a cup of hot drink. After half an hour after meals, pay attention to whether there is any intention, and go to the toilet if you have.

② Listen to your body’s reaction, you must go when you want to go to the toilet.

③ Give yourself enough time, sit on the toilet, take a deep breath, and then exhale to relax your pelvic floor muscles and try not to be nervous.

④ If the home is a toilet, try to put the feet with a low stool in the toilet, this posture is conducive to defecation.

6. Change a form of prenatal vitamins

Many vitamins and drugs that are beneficial to pregnant women (prenatal vitamins, calcium iron supplements, and anti -acid anti -acid agents) may exacerbate constipation, so ask the doctor if there is a suitable alternative.

7. Try probiotics -follow the doctor’s advice

The eosinophils contained in yogurt can stimulate intestinal bacteria to better break down food and keep the food exercise.You can also let a doctor recommend a probiotic supplement that can be added to a capsule, chewing tablet or powder form.

8. Multi -exercise -accelerate intestinal peristalsis

If you do not exercise constipation, you have a greater chance of constipation, walking, swimming and other moderate exercise will stimulate the stomach and intestinal work.Arrange 3 exercises a week, 20-30 minutes each time.

Walking, swimming, and doing simple housework are all good choices, remember safety first.

9. Ultimate method -drug treatment

If the above method cannot relieve constipation, consult the doctor and ask the drug to relieve constipation.

① Kaisailu.According to the introduction of the Meoo Clinic, the stool soft agent such as Kaiseru is unlikely to cause harm to the developing babies, because their active ingredients are only absorbed by the body to the minimum.Dehydration or changing electrolyte balance.

Therefore, if the constipation is serious and need to be intervened by drugs, you can ask the doctor’s use of Kaiseru. When using any kind of drug during pregnancy, you should consult the doctor first, because each drug responds to everyone’s physical response differently.Essence

② Lactan.A kind of sugar that is not absorbed after orally, increase the amount of colon content through the infiltration effect, and stimulate colon peristalsis, keep the stool unobstructed, relieve constipation, and first ask the doctor first.

Warning: It is not recommended to treat constipation because they may stimulate uterine contraction and cause dehydration.Mineral oil should not be used during pregnancy because they reduce nutritional absorption.

The last thing to say is that although constipation usually does not cause health problems, it also needs to be paid attention.

If you have less than three times a week, if you have poor bowel movements, and difficulty in defecation are constipation.

The symptoms of constipation include:

① There are blocks, small or hard stools

② difficulty in defecation

③ It feels like blocking the intestinal peristalsis

④ It seems that it seems that it cannot be completely excreted

⑤ Bloating and abdominal distension or stomach pain

If constipation causes any symptoms, see the doctor:

① blood in the stool

② Low weight

③ severe pain during defecation

④ Constipation lasts for more than 2 weeks

Constipation will not directly affect the health of the fetus, but if severe constipation has affected the life of pregnant women, it needs to be paid attention.

I hope that pregnant mothers can be a unimpeded pregnancy!

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