Xinhua View Point | How can I better protect the workers under high temperature?

Since the summer, there have been high temperatures in many places, and the highest temperature in some places even breaks through the historical pole.Construction workers, sanitation workers, takeaway brothers and some outdoor workers such as cool heat and heat waves, sticking to the front line of work, their health and safety are widely concerned.

The "Xinhua View Point" reporter’s investigation found that in many places, it adopted flexible and diverse heatstroke cooling measures to strengthen the protection of workers.However, at the same time, some industries still have measures to be implemented in place, and the protection mechanism of workers’ equity protection mechanisms must be further improved at high temperature.

What are the heatstroke prevention and cooling measures?

The temperature in many places exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, and some places in the north became "stoves". High -temperature red warning signals frequently lit up … Recently, high -temperature weather has continued to attack, and workers of outdoor and high temperature operations have been tested.

Not long ago, the National Federation of Trade Unions issued a notice, requiring trade unions at all levels to strengthen organizational leadership, urge employers to implement the main responsibility of heatstroke and cooling, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of employees.The reporter visited Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places and found that relevant departments and units were already acting.Reasonably arrange working hours, provide protective supplies and high -temperature work rest places, and issue high -temperature allowances, etc., have become the focus of the local area to protect the rights and interests of workers.

In Tianjin, thousands of outdoor workers’ service stations provide workers with services such as drinking water, cooling, and temporary rest.The workers turn on the phone and query the specific location of the service station through the electronic map.

According to data from the National Federation of Trade Unions, as of now, trade unions at all levels have built more than 120,000 service sites for outdoor workers.The National Federation of Trade Unions recently launched the "Double 15" project of the trade union service site, proposing that at the end of this year, the national union outdoor workers’ service site reached 150,000, and outdoor workers can reach service stations in 15 minutes in key cities and cities.

In some places, the working hours are flexibly adjusted according to different industries and temperature changes.The reporter visited many construction sites in Beijing and learned that construction workers can avoid the hot noon period and choose outdoor operations when the temperature is relatively low in the morning and evening.Shanghai’s garden greening, sanitation and other industries can rotate the rotating break, shortening outdoor continuous operation time.

On July 12, a worker in a project department in Hangzhou chatted with his family while eating watermelon at a rest station.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzheng Photo

In summer, the attention of workers’ attention to high temperature allowances is getting higher and higher.In order to safeguard the rights and interests of the workers, many places are required to calculate high -temperature allowances in the form of currency forms and list them in a single item. They must not replace high temperature allowances such as heatstroke and cooling supplies.Essence

Some places and industries provide targeted guarantees for new employment workers.The relevant person in charge of Meituan and Hungry introduced that they distributed the cooling bags for summer care for takeaway riders, including sunscreen clothes, Huoxiang Zhengqi and other heatstrokes.At the same time, provides penalties for continuous high temperature weather, line optimization and distribution protection, increase the location of the heatstroke prevention station, and stop the order after reporting the online report.

How is the "high temperature equity" guarantee?

With the launch of heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in various places, many people care about the "high temperature rights" guarantee of outdoor and high -temperature workers?

The reporter recently saw at the Wangjing Comprehensive Building Project of Beijing Urban Construction North Group Co., Ltd., and saw that the weather was hot, the glass curtain wall reflected, and the temperature at the construction site was very high.According to the person in charge of the project, the construction site strictly implements the "Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Cooling and Cooling Measures", which will take measures such as stopping outdoor open -air operations, no more than 6 hours of construction per day for each person to ensure the safety of workers.

In Shanghai Guyao Garden, the reporter saw that the cleaning staff who were working were equipped with a small fan of hanging neck."The temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, and the cleaning staff will implement the round of class, one hour every hour." Sun Mingtu, the person in charge of Rongke of Guyuyuan Garden, said that if someone has heat stroke, he will be sent to the hospital in time.

A cleaning staff of Shanghai Guyao Garden is working.Xinhua News Agency reporter Dong Xue

According to relevant regulations, when high -temperature weather occurs, employers shall timely issue high -temperature allowances to qualified workers in a timely manner.

"The green maintenance personnel in the park have received high temperature allowances of 300 yuan per month from June, and they can always receive it in September." Zhang Di, director of green maintenance in Shanghai Communist Party, said.

The reporter’s investigation found that there are also high -temperature allowances in some industries.A takeaway rider on a public bag platform in Beijing said that the labor company he signed has never issued high temperature allowances, but adds temporary subsidies to the delivery fee during high temperature hours.Many takeaway riders told reporters that the subsidy amount is not fixed, and it is necessary to "run a certain number of orders."

Experts said that high -temperature allowances are the salary compensation for workers to consume extra labor consumption under high temperature conditions, and they cannot be replaced by rushing orders.The "subsidy" approach according to the amount of orders at high temperature may become disguised measures to encourage rider to encourage rider to run more orders at high temperatures, which is not conducive to the health of workers.

The reporter also learned in the interview that there are difficulties for some industries to implement rest in high temperature hours.Not long ago, a tour guide in Beijing was sent to the hospital due to heat stroke during the tour of the group, and he died of ineffective rescue.A tourist practitioner said that the general travel group schedule is full, and tourists are unwilling to cancel the visit due to high temperature. It is impossible for tour guides to take a rest and rest.

In this regard, the Beijing Tourism Industry Association stated that travel agencies should reasonably arrange itineraries and tourism projects to scientifically adjust the scientific science.When encountering high temperature weather, timely prompt tourists to the impact of high temperature and high fever on the body. It is necessary to negotiate with tourists. If necessary, the itinerary should be adjusted to avoid or shorten outdoor travel during high temperature hours.

Strengthen policy publicity and law enforcement inspections

The reporter learned that under high temperature, there are many outdoor workers diagnosed with heat irritation.

According to relevant regulations, workers have caused heat stroke due to high -temperature operations or high -temperature weather operations. Those who have been diagnosed as occupational diseases enjoy work injury insurance benefits.However, in practice, many workers have encountered difficulties in the identification of work injury.

A courier at a courier outlet in Tianjin told reporters that he was responsible for the old community. There were many 6 -storey elevator -free buildings in the community, and sometimes he climbed more than 20 times in the morning.A few days ago, the weather was hot, and he had heat stroke when he sent it.However, the first step of applying for work injury compensation could not go out, because he did not sign the employment agreement and could not submit a certificate of labor relationship.

"The difficulty lies in the complicated procedures such as the confirmation of labor relations and the diagnosis of occupational diseases. Some employers do not cooperate with providing relevant materials." Wang Zhongqi, partner of Shanghai Jintian City (Tianjin) Law Firm, said that the current employment form is becoming increasingly diverse.Determine conditions.

On the east street of Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, sanitation workers receive heatstroke and cooling items (taken on July 14).Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Zhaozhi

Zhang Lu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Emergency Medicine, the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, said that it should avoid working for a long time in high temperature, high humidity and non -ventilated environment as much as possible, especially workers with taboos such as cardiovascular disease and other taboos.Pay attention to physical conditions.She suggested to increase the popularity of occupational health knowledge, guide workers to improve the awareness of heatstroke and cool down, and continuously improve the emergency response plan for the emergency response treatment during high -temperature weather operations of workers.

Insurance experts suggested that conditional employers can purchase commercial insurance such as accident insurance and health insurance for workers to help workers get better protection.

In response to the implementation of the "high temperature rights and interests", Zhai Yujuan, director of the Institute of Labor Law and Social Security Law of Shenzhen University, said that the relevant departments must work together to focus on key issues such as high temperature allowances and the implementation of work injury insurance benefits.Strict investigation and punishment for illegal acts, and continuously followed the rectification situation.It is necessary to give play to the role of industry associations and unions to supervise and coordinate, and urge employers to implement the main responsibility of the main body of the rights and interests of workers.(Reporter Tan Mo Xiao, Bai Jiali, Dong Xue, Ma Xiaoyuan)

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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