Xi Yuege science | During pregnancy, it’s best not to eat these 8 kinds of food

As a special population, expectant mothers must not only pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat some nutritious foods in moderation, but also pay attention to dietary structure, diet and cooking, dietary hygiene, and food selection.Specific mothers are best to stay away from the food below during pregnancy.

1. Fried food

Fried foods, the edible oil used during the production process is inevitable that it has been used several times to return the pot oil.There are many harmful substances in this repeated boiling oil, and expectant mothers should not eat it.

2. Spicy and hot material

Star anise, cumin, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, and spiced powder are all hot spice seasonings. It has irritating. Stimulating food and seasoning can stimulate the gastric mucosa and increase the burning sensation of the stomach.Reduce consumption.

3. Various irritating drinks

Drinks containing alcohol: Alcohol will enter the fetal blood flow through the placenta, causing fetal growth and lack of intelligence. There may also be malformations of the heart and brain. For the next generation of health, expectant mothers should refuse alcohol.

Caffeine -containing beverages: Drinks and foods containing caffeine will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and acceleration of heartbeat after being consumed by pregnant women.

Caffeine also enters the fetus through the placenta, affecting the fetal development.Tea: Tea is rich in caffeine. Tea drinking will exacerbate the heartbeat of pregnant women, increase the heart and kidney burden of pregnant women, and is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

4. Artificially pickled sauerkraut

Many expectant mothers especially like sour foods after pregnancy, but they should pay attention to science. Do not eat artificially pickled sauerkraut and vinegar products.Fresh fruits such as begonia, grapes, orange, etc., which can not only improve the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, but also increase appetite and increase nutrition.

But it should be noted that hawthorn fruit and their products, expectant mothers should not eat it.

Because hawthorn has a shrinking effect on the mother’s uterus, if the expectant mothers eat a large amount of hawthorn food, it will stimulate the uterine contraction and even cause abortion.

5. Ginseng, Guiyuan and other supplements

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, their physique is generally hot, and yin and blood are deficient. At this time, some hot fruits such as lychee and longan should be taboo. OtherwiseSpecific mothers should be more cautious, because hot fruits are more likely to cause fetal movement.

The consumer participation caused strong and yin, aggravating early pregnancy reactions, edema and hypertension.

6. Food containing additives

The expectant mothers need to choose fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible, and stay away from foods containing additives, such as additives contained in canned food, are risk factor that causes teratogenic and miscarriage.Things, aluminum can be invaded through the placenta; processing foods such as sauce meat often add a lot of salt, and too much salt will increase symptoms such as hypertension and edema.

7. Raw cold foods or foods that are not preserved

Cooked food markets or supermarkets are often sold. When buying these cooked foods, you should pay attention to choosing businesses with hygiene guarantees.Simpa -like cold foods such as sushi should be eaten carefully. If you eat foods that have been contaminated and not fresh by bacteria, food poisoning will endanger the health of mothers and fetuses.

8. Sweet food

The metabolism in the human body will consume a lot of calcium, and the lack of calcium during pregnancy will affect the development of fetal teeth and bones.It is not good to eat too much chocolate. This will cause pregnant women to have a sense of satiety and affect appetite. As a result, the body is fat, but the necessary nutrients are lacking.

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