Wu Zetian and Li Shimin were not pregnant for 12 years. Why did he be pregnant as soon as he married Li Zhi?the reason is simple

Speaking of the emperor, who can you first think of?Is Emperor Hanwu, Tang Taizong, or Zhu Yuanzhang?There are hundreds of emperors in the feudal dynasty in my country. One person’s existence can be called a bright color among the emperor, and the existence of no ancients and no people. This person is Wu Zetian.

How special is Wu Zetian in history?In addition to being the only emperor, her experience is still very legendary.The woman of Li Shimin was originally together with the prince Li Zhi. The ancient ethics outline often attracted much attention. This kind of thing could be unimaginable in the royal family.

What did Wu Zetian make the two emperors love it? Why did she have no children for twelve years in the days when she accompanied Li Shimin?Just one year with Li Zhi, what is the reason?

Most of the women who could enter the royal family in ancient times were descendants of the officials’ house, and there were very few civilian women became queen.Of course, there are also few in history but countless, such as the Queen Mother Dou of the Western Han Dynasty.

It was also a woman who fiddled with Fengyun. During the Tang Dynasty, a descendant of the Sui Dynasty royal family entered the palace of Li Shimin. This woman was Wu Zetian.Although Wu Zetian was born in the official family, his situation was not good. Because his mother was a descendant of the Royal Royal Family, the mother was kicked out of the house.

In 638, Tang Taizong heard that Wu Zetong was full of appearance and incorporated it into the living standards in the palace. It seemed brilliant into the palace, but in fact, a girl was imprisoned in the cell.

One year after year, Wu Zetian took a cold bench for 12 years, and he couldn’t give birth to a man and a half woman. Such an embarrassing situation until the age of 26.Ancient women were the most beautiful age. Most people were married at this time. If they were 26 years old, they could not marry leftover women.

For the average person, this may be like this, but Wu Zetian is not.Coinciding with Li Shimin’s serious illness, his fate began to pity Wu Zetian, because at this time, she met a person who changed his life. He was Tang Gaozong Li Zhi.

Still destined to hit each other in the process of serving Li Shimin, but because Li Shimin was alive, he could not put this relationship into action.Li Shimin died, Li Zhiden was the emperor, and Wu Zetian entered the Temple of Seno.

In order to put Wu Zetian as a concubine reasonably and legally, Li Zhi can be described as the same, that is, a key figure appeared at this time. She was the queen of Li Zhi.

The Queen Queen heard that Li Zhi and Wu Zetian were together in the temple. They simply made a many of water, and at the same time, they could also suppress Xiao Shufei who was about to move.She wanted to take the opportunity to suppress the latter, but she never wanted to drive tigers and swallowed wolves.

After entering the palace, Wu Zetian got Li Zhi’s love alone. In his life, he gave birth to six children. When she gave birth to Princess Taiping, she was already in confusion. From here, we can see how infatuated Li Zhi loved her.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to seeing Li Zhi’s deep love for Wu Zetian, you can also see that Wu Zetian’s physical body is no problem. So in the 12 years with Li Shimin, there is no movement at all?

For many people, the most enviable emperor is not the power of power, but the 72 concubine of the San Palace and the Sixth Hospital. The Nuo Da Houtong is enjoyed by him alone, but sometimes this is also a kind of sorrow of the emperor.

Most of the women in the palace are officials of officials. Most of the showgirls who come from the people are engaged in the work of the palace girl.Together.

Wu Zetian’s family has contributed to the establishment of the Tang Dynasty in history. From a certain perspective, Li Shiminnan has entered the palace, and he must also want to take care of the older generation of merit.I can’t mention my mind.

The second aspect is the restriction of age. Li Shimin was born in 598 AD, and Wu Zetian was born in 624 AD. The difference between the two was 26 years old. Wu Zetian entered the palace at the age of 14. Li Shimin was nearly 40 years old.Essence

At this time, Li Shimin was in the twilight years, and there were countless beauties around him. The concubine and concubines abounded. How can there be too much time to come to Wu Zetian.What’s more, the two are 26 years old.

In ancient times, women’s pregnancy was not easy. The ovulation period was so for a while, but the emperor was not fixed in time, so Wu Zetian was even more difficult to get pregnant.Some wild history once recorded that nothing happened between Li Shimin and Wu Zetian, but there was no husband and wife in the name of husband and wife.

When it comes to Li Shimin’s woman, he has to mention the type of his tendency. For example, Queen Grandmart is the kind of quiet and modest woman Wu Zetian, although it looks good and smart, but the ambitions revealed in the eyes will definitely make Li Shimin disagree.Interest is also taken for granted.

As the saying goes, "Lang love", Li Shimin has no emotional resonance with Wu Zetian. How can he blossom?Or this is one of the reasons why Wu Zetian is not loved by Li Shimin in the long years.

There is a saying that it is said that the beauty of a woman and any advantage are Wang Bi, and it is even more relaxed to control the heart of a man.

When he was married to Li Zhi, although he ascended the throne, he was still a teenager after all. Without Li Shimin’s experience and vision, Wu Zetian, who was like fire, would naturally be fascinated.

Wu Zetian was left out by Li Shimin for 12 years. Both the physiological and psychological need to take care of it. The appearance of Li Zhi naturally made up for the most needed parts between each other.Essence

Wu Zetian’s maturity made Li Zhi obsessed with it. In addition, it is not easy to be together between the two, and it is better to cherish each other.Wu Zetian also knows how to show his own value. He has dedicated his wisdom in national events. Compared with his father Li Zhi, he prefers this strong woman.

The relationship is arranged from the inside, and the two are mixed together all day. Unless they have problems with each other, how can there be no children between the two.In fact, this is also the case. Li Zhi has a dozen children in his life. Half of. Half is Wu Zetian’s contribution, and he gave birth to 6 children in his life.

In the last time of life, Wu Zetian chose to be buried with Li Zhi. Perhaps for her, her husband would always be only Li Zhi.She was Li Shimin’s woman first, and then Li Zhi’s queen.

What are the different views on this matter?

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