World Donald Syndrome Day

"Tang’s syndrome" is a hereditary disease with a higher incidence. In order to increase the public’s understanding of the Tang’s syndrome, the care of the Children of Donaldians, the United Nations Conference decided in 2011It is determined to be "World Donald Syndrome Day", with 21 and three bodies.

What is "Tang’s syndrome"?

Downsyndrome (DS) is 21-trioma syndrome, also known as congenital fool. It is the most common chromosomal abnormal disease.The "Tang Si" refers to the "Tang’s Syndrome" screening.

Tang’s syndrome is usually an occasional chromosomal disease, which is about 1/600 to 1/800.Even if the chromosomal examination of both husband and wife is normal, children with Chin family are still likely to have children.Pregnant women of all ages have the possibility of childbirth. The risk of children with children with perturbation of Tang family syndrome increased by age (especially over 35 years old). The older the age, the higher the risk.

The clinical manifestation of "Tang’s Er"

The clinical manifestations of Tang’s syndrome patients are medium to severe intelligence and abnormal physical development, and often have multiple systematic complications. Life cannot take care of themselves, causing a serious spirit and economic burden on the family and society of children.So far, Tang’s syndrome has not been effectively cured. The treatment is mainly for some complications of Tang’s syndrome: such as congenital heart disease and hearing damage.

"Tang’s" celebrities, Xing Xing and Zhouzhou

The appearance characteristics of children with "Tang’s syndrome"

Children with "Tang’s syndrome" are not only manifested as backward intellectual development, but also other performances:

Appearance malformation feature

The unique appearance malformation characteristics of Tang’s syndrome are mainly manifested in the head and neck and limbs.The sore is flat, the neck is short, the hair is soft and less, and the tongue is fat.These features are usually recognized shortly after birth.

Mental development

Cognitive damage is performed in almost every "Tang family syndrome" child, but the degree of damage may be very different.Most of them are mild to moderate intellectual disorders, but some are severely damaged.In addition, the behavior and mental illness of "Tang’s Er" are more common than normal children.

heart disease

40%-50%of children have heart problems at birth, half of which are serious and need surgery.The partial intervals defect of the perimeter of the membrane are the most common, followed by the arterial ducts that are not closed and the room septal defect.

Gastrointestinal deformity

The risk of "Tang’s Er" increased the risk of digestive tract deformity, such as duodenal locks or narrowing, anal atresia, and esophageal atresia with esophageal fistula with trachea.

Growth and development

Delayed growth and development. At the age of June to 3 months, he can sit independently. He can walk at the age of 1-4, speak 1-3 years old, receives training for defecation at 3-7 years old. The average IQ is 45-48 in children and adolescents.It is 70.

Hematological disease

Hematology abnormalities that affect red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are common in "Tang’s Er", including red blood cells, macrobaclocyte disease, leukocyte reduction, platelet hype of platelets, and leukemia.

Eye problems and hearing loss

"Tang’s Ear" ophthalmology is common, and the incidence rate increases with age.Such as refractive, strabismus, eye tremor, cataract, and cone;

Hearing loss is also common, otitis media is a common problem.

Endocrine disease

The endocrine abnormalities of "Tang’s" include thyroid dysfunction and type 1 diabetes.

Urinary system abnormalities, joint disease, lung disease, skin disease

The "Tang’s" urinary system has increased malformation rates, and arthropate diseases, lung diseases and benign skin diseases can also be seen.

Reproductive problem

Donald syndrome women have fertility and may be pregnant;

Tang’s syndrome has poor fertility and almost no fertility.


The risk of the unstable (AAI) of the Tang Dynasty syndrome increasing the risk of unstable syndrome is defined as the excessive mobility of the joints (C1) and the hypalogenic (C2), but the spinal cord compression caused by the semi -dislocation of the cervical spine is not common.


The Tang syndrome is related to several immune damage, which is considered to be considered to be related to the increase of susceptibility to infection, autoimmune diseases and malignant tumors.

How to prevent "Tang’s syndrome"?

With the development of science and technology, there are now many methods that can be used to screen and diagnose "Tang’s syndrome", such as chromosome nuclear analysis, gene chips and non -invasive prenatal screening.High -risk people are found through pregnancy screening. It is recommended that high -risk people conduct prenatal diagnosis, detect and stop pregnancy in a timely manner to avoid the birth of such children. It is an important means in the third -level system of birth defect prevention and control.Guangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a prenatal diagnosis and management center of Guangxi. The hospital’s genetic metabolic center laboratory has carried out the above three testing projects. It has rich experience and provides important guarantees for the prevention of "Tang’s syndrome".

Overview of prenatal testing project "Tang’s Er" Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory

After so many years of work and efforts, our team has avoided the birth of 2,957 "Tang family", which greatly reduced the incidence of birth defects in Guangxi and contributed to improving the quality of the birth population in Guangxi.540 cases of "Tang’s" were still detected in the work, bringing heavy economic burdens and mental stress to the family and society. I hope that every life will be treated equally, and this world is full of love.

The "Tang’s Syndrome" has a long way to prevent and control the support and attention of the whole society!

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