Women’s underwear has secretions, what’s the matter?Don’t be shy, these abnormalities understand as soon as possible

Gynecological clinic

When the patient consults the condition

The doctor will always ask:

What does the vaginal secretion look?

Vaginal discharge

This sounds that sound a little strange

It’s actually leucorrhea

Various leucorrhea forms

And can reflect many health issues

Once it happens abnormal

It will cause many physiological troubles

So many girls

I often pull my own trousers

Observe the traces of leucorrhea above

First take a look

What exactly is the leucorrhea

Lands usually refer to

The secretions of various tissues and organs in the reproductive system

Such as vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical tube and endometrium

Normal leucorrhea

Generally growing like this:

But it is not static

Affected by menstrual cycle

In the middle of the menstruation and the end of menstruation (ovulation period)

Lands often increase

In different ages and occasions

The leucorrhea will also change

For example, people who live a lot of husbands and wives

The increase in leucorrhea will increase

After menopause, leucorrhea will decrease or even disappear

But some leucorrhea abnormalities

Be alert to the emergence of the disease

If the following five situations occur

Please go to the hospital in time

What needs to be reminded is

The amount of slight leucorrhea increases, yellow and odor

It may be caused by increasing exercise, hot weather, and mixed urine

Don’t worry too much

Although through the traces of the inside

Can find many problems

But after all, the naked eye is not accurate

It is the most reliable to go to the hospital for examination

When you find that the leucorrhea is abnormal

It is recommended to go to a gynecology for routine leucorrhea inspections

See if there is inflammation or bacterial infection


It is recommended that women do at least once a year

Comprehensive gynecological examination

1. Keep Y road clean

Pay particular attention to the menstrual period,

Private hygiene during pregnancy and puerperium

It is best to wash white

But be careful not to clean it too much

Especially don’t use a lotion

2. Check in time

Discover abnormal leucorrhea or have gynecological diseases

Should suspend the life of husband and wife

Both husband and wife go to check and treat

Avoid repeated infections

3. Ensure the quality of the underwear

Choose loose, breathable, cotton as much as possible underwear

And it is best to clean and expose separately

Pinded sun bath can effectively sterilize

4. Maintain a good habit of living

Scientific exercise, balanced diet, staying up late

It is also important to maintain a healthy physique

These knowledge points

Has the classmates remembering

Uncle Jiu has a bold speculation:

Seeing male classmates here

There are girlfriends

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