Women’s twin -uterus has two babies!On the one hand, a natural pregnancy is naturally pregnant.

Last week, the Australian media reported the fertility story of a pregnant woman, which caused heated discussions.

The 24 -year -old woman named Madeline Kaklikos Madrine Carriks gave birth to a pair of twin sons in February this year.

Um?It’s not unusual to have twins, right?In fact, this pair of twins born of Madeleine is not the twin in the traditional sense.

Generally speaking, the twins refer to giving birth to different ovarian twins or heterolar twins during the same pregnancy.

But Madeleine’s two babies, one, was artificially conceived, and the other was pregnant naturally, and the two embryos were bred in bed in her two uterus until they were born.Her doctor said that this probability was one -50 million.

Yes, everyone reads it right. Madeleine has a twin uterus and a twin cervix, and it has a rare gynecological defect called "twin uterine malformation Uterus Didelphys".The patients have two completely separated uterus, independent uterine body, cervix, and their own fallopian tubes, ovaries, and so on.

(Source: Cleveland Clinic)

In an interview with the media, Madeleine told the story of her in the past few years from preparing for pregnancy, diagnosis of twin uterine malformations, experiencing multiple rounds of artificial auxiliary fertility treatment, and then to pregnancy production.

Madeleine’s marriage before the epidemic. Her occupation is a social worker, her husband is an electrician, and the couple live in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2020, Madeleine began to prepare for pregnancy, but he could not conceive.However, in fact, she was already mentally prepared, because at the age of 18, she was diagnosed with PCOS, which is the polycystic ovary syndrome.

(Picture source: TCFDEC)

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disease of women. It is mostly irregular menstruation, hairy disease, acne acne, ovulation -free, etc., which can easily cause infertility problems.

As a result, Madeleine finally decided to do a comprehensive inspection, thinking about treating polycystic first, and then starting to promote ovulation and try her husband to try to get pregnant naturally.

(Madeleine and husband Jon)

Who knows that for the first time in her life, she even solved another key mystery of why she was in trouble: Madeleine had two uterus and cervix, which was a twin deformed.There are few cases of case statistics with this twin-uterine malformation, but according to data from relevant US research, the population proportion is about 0.1-0.5%.

(Source: BFI left normal uterus, right twin uterus)

Madeleine told reporters: "I had a lot of baggage. In addition, I was worried about the rare situation of the twin uterus, and I was a bit desperate." At the doctor’s advice, Madelein and her husband decided to try artificially.Artificially cultivated embryo into one of the uterus in itself.

Due to the polycystic ovary syndrome+twin uterine malformations, Madeleine’s pregnancy preparation is extremely difficult.From 2021, she started to promote ovulation, egg retripping, artificial insemination, and implanting embryos to wait for bed. She and her husband experienced a full ten rounds of artificial pregnancy IVF procedures. The first nine times failed.

(Source: News Medical, IVF process schematic diagram)

She told reporters that by the eighth round, she had no confidence at all, and began to accept the fact that she could not get pregnant for a lifetime.When the ninth round failed, she and her husband had collapsed very much.

Who would have thought that in June 2022, after finishing the tenth round of artificial conception, the doctor called Madelein, congratulations to her embryo in the embryo in one of the uterus successfully, and Madeleine successfully became pregnant.

"I, my husband, my parents and brother, the family shouted excitedly and cried, hugging into a ball."

She went to the pregnancy test and heard the child’s heartbeat for the first time, waiting for the child’s birth.Who knows that during the tenth week of pregnancy, Dr. B ultrasound suddenly quietly calmed down, and Madeleine recalled: "I was panicked at the time, and I was afraid of what was happening."

As a result, Madeleine’s husband, who was with, was keen, and he heard more than one heartbeat and asked the doctor what was happening.

Unexpectedly, the uterus on the other side of Madrine also had an embryo that was successful and smaller, and had a heartbeat.The uterus on both sides of her was pregnant with the baby: "I was stunned, my husband’s face was scared, and I thought the doctor was joking."

It turned out that when the tenth round of artificial conception, the mentality of Madeleine and her husband had collapsed. Although the doctor reminded not to live a husband and wife, they broke the jar and thought, "You can’t be casual anyway."So the previous week had just finished artificial conception, and the two were in the same room in the second week.

Before this, the inadvertent move of ancestors and naturally conceived, and finally let the two babies get two babies.Madeleine’s twins, pregnant twins, still use two methods of conception and in different time periods. According to the doctor, the probability of this situation is one in 50 million.

However, because of the complexity of the Madrine Pharaoh’s pregnancy, she was not smooth sailing during pregnancy. Several doctors suggested that she insurance a little more and reduce one child.But Madrine eventually chose to keep the two dolls, and it took 34 weeks to make a caesarean section.

On February 20, 2023, Madeleine gave birth to the next unusual twins.

Because it was a premature infant, the two brothers lived for 17 days when they were born.At present, the two babies, which are 3 months old, are good.

Madeleine said: "When I was discharged from the hospital for the first time, I was holding them, my heart was going out of my chest. It turned out that this was the feeling of being a mother."

Both Madrine and her husband said that they would raise this pair of "miracles" and grew up, and they will tell the brothers in the future that they are one -10th of the special babies of 50 million.

It is indeed rare that the twin uterus like Madrine is pregnant. At present, there are only more than 100 cases recorded in the world.

Some women who are pregnant, even one of them, and one reproduce in a few days.

For example, in 2004, the Maricia Tescu twin twins in Romania were born on December 11th, and the second baby was born in February 2005, that is, 59 days later.

Other women who are pregnant in the twin uterus are pregnant with a more rare triplet.

For example, in 2006, the British Hannah Keersey. At that time, in order to increase the chance of her conception, the doctor was implanted in her two uterus.twin.

(Trilates are all girls)

In 2019, the mother named Arifa Sultana reported in Bangladesh’s media in 2019 is also quite amazing.

In February of that year, she returned home after giving birth to her son.As a result, 26 days later, because of her abdomen discomfort, she had a comprehensive examination, and found that she had a baby in her belly, and finally the emergency cesarean section ushered in a pair of dragon and phoenix tires.

According to reports, because Arifa is in rural areas, she has not done any pregnancy inspections. Even the B -ultrasound did not do before the first production, so I didn’t know that she had three dolls, not to mention that there was a dual -uterine deformity.EssenceFortunately, although the three children are thin and small, they are healthy.

Back to Madeleine’s news here, after she had the twin uterus and came out through the news of the two baby news of artificial and natural surrogacy, netizens hotly discussed:

"Wow, it’s great news, I wish this mother and a baby healthy!"

"The best blessing!"


Some netizens have a sharp message:

"My wife has only one uterus, and my menstruation has been rolling every month. It is difficult to imagine that there are two women in the uterus …"

And this one:

"I have seen …"

The body of a life -breed woman is really amazing!

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