Women’s private parts are dark and have more sexual life?Need to deal with it?Don’t be "brainwashed" by men

Two days ago, Xiao Jiu received a question from a fan:

"Women’s" privacy parts "dark color, does it mean that private life is rich?"

Regarding women, there are many similar remarks on the Internet-

"There is a gynecological disease because of the confusion in private life"

"I got cervical erosion, it is estimated that I usually play very open"

"Most of the blacks under women are because there are a lot of boyfriends"


Regarding women’s common sense of gynecology, there are really many misunderstandings in life. Today, Xiaojiu will give you popular science. I hope everyone will not be misled by the wrong concept!

The folk spreads that the color of women’s private parts is caused by the flood of sexual life.This statement has led many women to bear unnecessary psychological pressure and shame.In fact, there are many reasons for the deeper color of the private parts. It has nothing to do with sexual life. Women do not need to deal with it, and they do not have to be ashamed for this.

The reasons for the deeper color of women’s private parts:

1. Endocrine effect

The darkness of the skin color is related to melanocytes, and the efficiency of melanocytes will be affected by the endocrine system.After entering the adolescence, due to the rise in sex hormone levels and the increase of estrogen secretion, it will promote the increase of melanocytes, which will produce more melanin and form a deposition, resulting in darker color.Regardless of whether there is a sexual life, everyone will go through such a normal physiological change process.

2. Excessive cleaning

Some female friends care about the cleanliness of the private parts, and often use the care solution to clean it repeatedly, thinking that this can be kept clean.As everyone knows, long -term use of too strong alkaline washing agents may cause skin melanin to deposit and deeper skin tone.

3. The impact of the disease

When suffering from thyroid disease, adrenal cortical dysfunction, or liver lesions, it will promote a large amount of melanin secretion, which will lead to darker colors in the private parts.

4. Pregnancy

During the process of pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen and progesterone will secrete the body. This huge hormone fluctuations can stimulate melanocytes to produce more melanin, resulting in partial parts such as melanin deposition in private parts and abdominal midlines.

When it comes to cervical erosion, many people think that this is a serious illness caused by the chaos in private life.But in fact, there is no such thing as "cervical erosion" in medicine.

"The 7th edition of" Obstetrics and Gynecology (2008 "textbooks, the name" cervical erosion "was officially canceled, and replaced by" cervical cylindrical epithelium ".

"Cervical cylindrical epithelium" is a common physiological phenomenon that refers to the manifestation of red granules in the cervical parts near the cervical tube and the area covered by cylindrical epithelial cells, not really "erosion".

Physiological cervical cylindrical epithelium is generally normal, especially young women, which will change with the fluctuations of hormones in the body, but with age, this abnormal level will gradually improve.However, cervical cylindrical epithelium is also pathological, such as cervical epithelial tumor changes, early cervical cancer, etc., which will also cause erosion -like changes in the cervix.

How to judge whether the cervical cylindrical epithelium is physiological or pathological?

This needs to be distinguished by cervical scraping (TCT).If it is a woman over 30 years old, it is recommended to add HPV inspection.If both examinations are not abnormal, but cervical examinations are found to have suspicious lesions such as ulcers, lumps, or suspicious symptoms such as abnormal secretions and bleeding after the same room.Does cervical cylindrical epithelium need to be treated?

If the TCT examination determines that there is no cervical cancer and cervical cancer, the body is not uncomfortable, no treatment is required;

If the TCT examination is fine, but it is accompanied by symptoms such as nipple -like hyperplasia, increased secretions, or contact bleeding, it can be treated;

If TCT tests are found to have pre -cervical lesions or cervical cancer, treatment must be received.The treatment of cervical cancer is the preferred local physical therapy such as laser, microwave and frozen. If necessary, drug treatment is required before and after physical therapy.

Many couples believe that as long as the safety period (that is, 7 days before menstruation and the end of menstruation 8 days, there are also sexual behaviors that do not get pregnant.

However, according to statistics, the failure rate of this contraceptive method reaches 14%to 40%.

Most women’s menstruation is irregular. Factors such as excessive weight loss, often staying up late, and long -term mental tension may affect the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, causing the ovulation period to be advanced or delayed.

In addition, sperm can survive for about 2 to 5 days in women, and still have fertilization. Once you encounter eggs, you may complete fertilization and then get pregnant.

Therefore, avoiding contraception in the same room during ovulation is not reliable.

In addition, contraception such as in vitro ejaculation and immediately rinse the vagina afterwards is not reliable, and it is possibly of unexpected pregnancy.If you really want contraception, it is recommended to take a whole process to wear condoms, short -acting contraceptives, subcutaneous burial contraceptives, ligation and other contraceptive methods!

I hope that after some science science today, everyone will no longer be brainwashed by the wrong concept!It is recommended that women pay more attention to physical changes, discover abnormal symptoms or discomfort, and seek medical treatment in time to find out the cause, rather than letting no matter whether it is left without any or randomly.

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