Women’s notice, people flow and drug flow, which damage is smaller?

Doctor, I am only 18 years old with my boyfriend this year. I found my pregnancy after a long time. I was afraid that my parents would know. I wanted to do the drug flow directly. I would like to ask. I would like to ask.

In fact, any miscarriage may cause certain damage to girls’ bodies, such as may cause endometrial damage, gynecological inflammation, adhesion, endometriosis, etc.question.

Therefore, daily life should be avoided as much as possible. Before preparing for physical and conditions, contraceptive measures should be taken.

The best way is not to get pregnant unexpectedly. Of course, if it is inevitable, which method should I choose to stop pregnancy?Let’s talk about it today.

First of all, relatively speaking, the drug flow is smaller than the abortion damage, because there will be no damage caused by the operation of the uterine cavity, but the success rate of the drug flow is not high. If the drug flow fails, there will be residual tissues in the palace.The need for Qing Palace surgery is equivalent to two sins.

The advantage of flow is relatively clean, the surgery time is short, and the success rate is high. Most people can succeed at one time.

First, drug abortion

As the name implies, the use of drugs can terminate pregnancy.Its advantage is to avoid surgery, no trauma, and also avoid complications of surgery.The disadvantage is that the success rate of the drug flow is not high, about 75%.And if the medicine is not clean, it still needs to be cleared. Trauma is not much less than abortion surgery, and there is the risk of infection.

If the pregnancy has exceeded 7 weeks (49 days) at this time, the embryo is a bit large and the drug flow may not be clean! It can only end pregnancy through artificial abortion surgery.

1. The amount of bleeding is large, and the time is long

The drug flow is not clean, and vaginal bleeding is a very obvious symptom. Generally, there will be no blood within a week after the drug flow.However, if you find that if the vaginal bleeding after the drug is more than 7 days and the amount of bleeding has increased, you must be alert to whether the drug flow has not been clean.

2. Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is also a typical symptom of the drug flow without cleanliness. If there is a small abdominal pain after the drug flow, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to check in time to prevent accidents.If there is no cleanliness, you need to clear the palace in time.

3. Cause gynecological inflammation

The occurrence of inflammation can also be caused by the flow of drugs, because the poor drug flow is easy to infect bacteria, causing various gynecological inflammation.Everyone usually goes for a check after the drug flow. If you are not clean, you can find that the uterus will have a significant tenderness when checking.If so, you need to consult a doctor in time to find a solution.

Artificial abortion is a relatively common way now. It is to go to the hospital for an operation to use the embryo to use the mechanical of the embryo, but it also has the best period.There will be a certain risk, and the harm to the uterus is even greater.

The flow of people seems simple, but it is not simple. Although many hospitals have launched painless abortion now, which greatly reduces the pain of surgery, the damage to the body after abortion can not be completely avoided.

1. Endocrine disorders.

After pregnancy, women in women will increase, endometrium thickening, and breast enlargement will be increased, which will lay the foundation for the nurturing fetus.However, the unexplained abortion will cause the body’s endocrine to suddenly change. If the body has not been adjusted, and then the abortion will cause endocrine disorders.

2. Damage the endometrium.

Each flow may damage the endometrium. The more scrapers, the more severe the endometrium is damaged, and the severe ones can even cause uterine perforation.During pregnancy, it is also prone to placenta implantation and adhesion, causing dystocia and postpartum bleeding.

3. Endometriosis

Repeatedly expanding the cervical tube can cause the cervical canal damage to the adhesion, resulting in blood retention, causing endometriosis, causing dysmenorrhea.

4. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Many abortion will increase the chance of uterine cavity infection, which increases the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease. In severe cases, it can also lead to uterine cavity adhesion and menstrual disorders. If pelvic inflammatory causes will cause chronic lower abdominal pain and seriously affect the quality of life in women in the future.

5. Infection

Some irregular clinics, incomplete facilities, and inadequate disinfection, can easily cause infection to the mother.

Therefore, no matter what kind of damage to the body is, it is irreversible. If you get pregnant by accident, please go to the hospital for examination in time. Whether it is the flow of drugs or abortion, you need to pass professional testing to determine the physical condition in order to make accurate judgments in order to make accurate judgments.Essence

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