Women’s leucorrhea yellow?Do you know the 4 role of leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a unique liquid secreted by women’s vagina, usually colorless and tasteless.Of course, it may also show milky white.In fact, the role of leucorrhea is very large. It can reflect the health of women from the side, especially the problem of preventing leucorrhea yellow.Many women also have the phenomenon of leucorrhea yellow, which has a lot of concerns, so why does that leucorrhea turn yellow?Let’s take a look at the following.

What is the use of white belt?

1. vaginal lubricant

The vagina is usually closed, and the front and rear walls are closely connected.The humid environment formed by leucorrhea can reduce friction between the front and rear walls of the vagina and protect the vaginal wall from being damaged.There are also some women who often rinse the vagina, causing vaginal leucorrhea, which will damage the vaginal mucosa.At the same time, in this humid environment, the vaginal mucosa will be more flexible and can improve the quality of the same room.

2. Natural protection barrier

The vaginal flora balance is formed, which can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens.

3. Auxiliary conception

The ovulation period, the largest amount of leucorrhea.At this time, the main function is to combine the male "tadpoles" along the leucorrhea with the egg.We should know that sperm has a characteristic that it will move against flow.Therefore, leucorrhea during ovulation is the natural trajectory of tadpoles.Of course, in turn, you can also determine ovulation through the change of leucorrhea.

4. As a health indicator

Protochor is usually an important indicator of doctors diagnosing reproductive tract diseases. This is why leucorrhea abnormal women often check routine leucorrhea.

What about leucorrhea yellow?

1. Trichomonas vaginitis

Caused by trichomonas infection in the vagina.Such tricles are usually paralyzed in women’s urogenic systems and spread through sexual behavior.You can also spread through public bath towels, bathrooms, bathtubs, swimming pools, etc.Generally speaking, the amount of leucorrhea increases, the vagina and vulva are itchy or burning, and it is painful. The typical symptoms are leucorrhea yellow and even yellow -green.

2. Symptoms of diseases

Sometimes yellow water appears in the leucorrhea, which is mostly caused by necrosis of lesions.The most common diseases that cause this situation include cervical cancer, mucosal uterine fibroids, or fallopian tube cancer.

3. Mold vaginitis

After this illness, yellow leucorrhea will appear. Moobacre vaginitis is generally caused by Candida infection. It is usually commonly used in diabetes and pregnant women. Long -term extensive use of antibacterial drugs may also cause vaginal flora disorders and mold vaginitis.

Leucorrhea is one of the most important indicators of women’s gynecological health.If the white belt is found abnormal, women should pay attention to, timely treatment to prevent inflammation from spreading.If you feel a problem, you should go to the regular hospital for treatment in time.

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