Women’s fallopian tubes are worried about pregnancy, gynecological experts: still hope to naturally get pregnant!

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The author of this article is deputy chief physician of Hunan Vocational Disease Prevention and Infertility and Recordal abortion outpatient clinic.@

Recently, a patient holding the uterine fallopian tube reminding the fallopian tube to block the film to the Hunan Provincial Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Institute for the gynecological clinic for help.

She frowned and said to me, "Dr. Tian, what should I do? Do I have to be a palace and a test tube baby to get pregnant?"

I looked closely at the report and film. Both sides of the fallopian tubes entered, but the fallopian tube on one side suspected that there was adhesion, and the pelvic cavity prompted inflammation.

I definitely replied: "I don’t consider IVF, of course, I hope to get pregnant naturally!"

Patients dispelled their doubts to follow the doctor’s advice to the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. In less than 2 months, good news came. Now the B -ultrasound has been diagnosed with pregnancy in the palace.

In fact, before that, the filmmaking indicates that there are still countless precedents that are still pregnant naturally.

But for patients who preparation for the second child or infertility for many years, they will still be confused, so I will give you a popular science:

The fallopian tubes are one of the members of the women’s internal genitals. The pipe extends outward from both sides of the uterine angle. It is about 8 ~ 14cm long. From the inside to the outside, it is divided into the interstitial part, the gorge, the abdomen of the pot, and the umbrella.

The umbrella department assumes the responsibility of "picking eggs", and the abdomen of the pot is a place where the sperm egg is combined.

It has three major functions: 1. Equipment cells; 2. Transport sperm; 3. Transfer the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity.

As the name suggests, it refers to infertility caused by the failure of the fallopian tube or the abnormal fallopian tube function.

Almost about 40%of the female infertility factors, about 40%.

Factors that cause rhodolis obstruction or abnormal functions are:

1. Inflammation causes an umbrella end lock and the destruction of the fallopian tube mucosa destruction.

Among them, fallopian tuberculosis causes tubal stiffness to 25.4 ~ 31.1%, followed by gonorrhea infection and chlamydia.

In addition, in recent years, it has been discovered that the primary and human -like mycoplasma have been found to be related to fallopian tube inflammation.

In addition, there is a non -specific infection in the pelvic cavity, such as appendicitis, postpartum, and postpartum abortion.

2. Endometriosis:

It can cause changes in tubal morphology, limited cilia movement, and affect its function, leading to infertility, which leads to 12.7%of the proportion of fluctuations in tubal tubes.

3. Initial dysplasia of fallopian tubes.

4, sterilization.

5. After exceptional pregnancy.

The above factors can cause infertility of fallopian tube factors.

1. Conservative treatment of Chinese and Western medicine:

The fallopian tube obstruction is the "cell vein obstruction" of traditional Chinese medicine. Most of the dialectical blood stasis type is mainly based on blood stasis and blood stasis.

Common Chinese medicine components include Angelica, Chi Zhi, Danshen, Zelan, Xiangfu, Pangolian Powder (Sanqi), Sanqi, Sanqi, None of the Medicine, Wang Weizi, Wang BulingLicorice, snake tongue, ground brocade, ground bone skin, Mitsubishi, Curdia, honeysuckle, etc.

2. Patriotic fluid fluid of the uterine cavity.

3. Ventopian tube intervention: It is mainly suitable for patients with near -end obstruction of fallopian tubes, and the success rate can be as high as 95.2%.

4. Reconstruction of the tubal intubation under the uterine hysteroscopy.

5. Donatal reconstruction:

Including fallopian tubes, rhinoplasty uterine cottage, rosin phenotrane transplantation, fallopian tube adhesion, fallopian tube docalist, and umbrella ending, to achieve the purpose of re -use of the fallopian tube.

6. Reinstallation of fallopian tubes under the fallopian tube mirror.

7. Auxiliary reproductive technology.

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Special Author of Hunan Medical Chat: Tian Hongju, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology Department of Hunan Province

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