Women who prepare for pregnancy, if you have these signs, congratulations, you are already pregnant

Children are the angels of parents. As long as they are their children, they should take care of them carefully, but many people still like to explore the sex of the baby.So what are the signs?Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

1. The aunt is not coming, and the phenomenon of frequent urination is also accompanied by frequent urination. The frequent sensation has urine, and the urine excreted is clear and transparent. These phenomena indicate that the possibility of pregnancy is relatively high.This is because of early pregnancy, the number of urination will increase a lot, because the uterus compresses the bladder.A little urine in the bladder will cause urine.

2. Many pregnant mothers find that there will be a few bleeding in the lower body.This condition may be caused by the uterine endometrium implanted with fertilized eggs.After 6 days of fertilization, female friends will have a few bleeding. Blood color generally has three types: red, pink, and reddish brown.This situation will continue for 1 to 2 days.If the amount of bleeding is too large, it is accompanied by pain, and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

3. Breast pain Although women’s breasts usually change with menstruation, they will pain, but in the early stages of pregnancy, breasts will increase, and they will become solid and heavy.Breasts will feel full and tingling.

4. Disdia and vomiting against the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will show disgust and vomiting. We can call it "pregnancy vomiting" or "morning vomiting", because this situation is the most severe in the morning, and then gradually reduces it.Most of the female friends will be alleviated in the middle of pregnancy, and a small part of female friends will wait a month.

If your "pregnancy vomiting" phenomenon is not very severe, then you do not need to be treated specially. You only need to adhere to good mood, eat less meals, and eat more light and digestible foods; if the response is severe, it will even affect the normal eating of pregnant mothers to eatIt may be a pregnancy drama vomiting. This condition can easily cause electrolyte disorders in the pregnant mother’s body. What’s more, there will be life -threatening, so the demand will seek medical treatment immediately.

5. It is more sensitive to the smell: it may not be able to withstand the smell of the oil fume or the smell of tea, and some aroma will make you disgusting.This pregnancy signs may be caused by the rapid increased estrogen in your body.

6. Poor abdominal pain: In addition to the morbidity, such as abortion, cystitis, gastroenteritis, uterine fibroids, etc., abdominal pain may be an increased uterus on both sides.And it is particularly easy to occur on the left.After some posture is occurred, if you suddenly stand, bend over, cough, and sneeze, this situation will usually disappear after 2 to 3 weeks.

The above content hopes to help you!I am a childcare trick, please pay attention to the message!

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