Women who marry far away will be very bitter in marriage, and sooner or later they will be centrifugal between husband and wife

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Love is like a instant firework. After the blooming, it is silence, but the woman’s life becomes broken because of the pursuit of love.

When a woman is intoxicated with the sweetness of love, she always can’t see her cruelty to her in the future. I feel that as long as there is love with each other, she can overcome all difficulties.

However, when she really had to face the difficulties blocked in front of her, I found that the love that has always been faith may not be so strong. In fact, it is also vulnerable marshmallow.

Women who marry far away once thought that they had married love, but they were abandoned from all their enthusiasm. They thought that her husband could be rely on his life, but finally disappointed herself and became the woman who regretted in marriage.

Women who marry far away think they are regardless of love, but what she thinks of love is worthy of her so heavy dedication?

Cao Min is an authentic southern girl. During his work, he met the northern guy who was working in the unit. Lin Ping. He was a northerner.

They have been in love for two years. In the end, when Cao Min confessed with her parents, her parents resolutely opposed her to marry. They said that if they were bullied in the future, her family was so far away, and it was not easy to go home.

However, Cao Min believes that Lin Ping said the words and sentences, and believe that he said he would maintain her, take care of her, and prevent her from being bullied.

Cao Min and his parents were deadlocked for half a year, and finally chose to marry.After marrying, her mother -in -law was not very satisfied with her. She always felt that the girls in the south were stingy and delicate.

At first, her husband really took care of her, spoiled her everywhere, loved her, and maintained her, but for a long time, her husband was busy, and her feelings began to cool down a little bit.

My mother -in -law always said in front of her husband that Cao Min was not good. After a while, she was discharged the water for a long time. After a while, she was unpalatable for her cooking. The husband also criticized Cao Min.A little bit sweet, don’t let him worry about it.

Cao Min’s heart was very lost. At that time, Lin Ping was obviously not said, and now this increasingly strange man is still the person she first identified?

Love in the life of chai oil and salt, just like a meteor, flashing, leaving a long tail for people to miss.


In addition to her husband’s love as her own support, a long -marital woman has no reliance. Women who marry far away have no money. They are passive everywhere in marriage and are grievances everywhere.

Later, Cao Min was pregnant. She thought that after giving birth to a child, she would alleviate such a stalemate family atmosphere, but the result was a more embarrassing situation.

After giving birth to a child, her mother -in -law was unwilling to help. Cao Min had to quit his work and deliberately took care of the life of the child and the family at home.

Without the source of the economy, Cao Min had to find Lin Ping to speak every time he spent a penny. For a long time, Lin Ping began to impatient his wife.

In the middle of the month, Cao Min asked her husband for money. Lin Ping said, "Didn’t you give you a thousand yuan for your living expenses this month? Why is there no money?"

Cao Min said: "You don’t know that you don’t know that oil and salt are expensive, and the child has spent hundreds of prevention needles.

Lin Ping interrupted Cao Min’s words dissatisfied, and said, "Can other people’s wife still help men share pressure? You see you, why would you do except you would quarrel with my mother? If you have no money, you wo n’t find a way if you use yourself.ah?"

Listening to her husband’s indifferent words, Cao Min’s heart seemed to fall into the ice cellar.

Looking at her young child, she was very reluctant. She could only cry alone in the middle of the night, dare not divorce, but she couldn’t see the dawn of marriage.

Every time Cao Min’s parents called, she did not worry about the good news, and did not want to worry about her elderly parents again.

All the sadness and sadness of a long -married woman can only break their teeth and swallow themselves. They live passively in the marriage. They can’t tell their parents that they can only taste "bitter fruit" alone.


Women must know how to improve their "soft power" when marrying far away. Women who marry far away must be strong. They must have their own hard capital capital to not become the bullied person.

Zhang Man has been married to her husband for ten years. The mother’s family has more than a thousand kilometers from her husband’s hometown. At the beginning, his parents also strongly opposed it, and Zhang Man used the happy life of these decade to rest assured that his parents were completely relieved.

After getting married, Zhang Man’s career will also start from scratch in this strange city. Her husband persuaded her not to want her to work too much. It is enough to give him the life expenditure of this home.

Zhang Man is not the kind of person who relies on men to live. Even if he is challenged at work, she feels tired and she has not given up.

Every effort paid at work will receive returns. Zhang Man has been promoted to the company’s project manager, and the salary and bonuses have increased several levels.

Zhang Man changed a large house with her husband and took over her mother -in -law to live together. The mother -in -law saw that her daughter -in -law had a strong ability to work, and she was also happy to do some housework for them.

On Mother’s Day, Zhang Man prepared a beautiful gift for her mother -in -law, coaxing her mother -in -law with a smile, and even more willing to worry about them.

Every year when Zhang Man’s mother celebrates her birthday, both husband and wife will arrange a holiday to go back to visit her mother. Seeing that their daughter -in -law’s feelings and life are more and more beautiful, and their parents feel very pleased.

Zhang Man realized from his marriage that women who marry far away must have money. After marriage, they must try their best to maintain their economic independence and improve their ability to make money in order to protect their love.

Women who marry far away can only rely on themselves in marriage, and can only win their marriage status by themselves.Women who marry far away must maintain economic independence and operate their own careers in order to win some status and respect.


Marriage is like spending a long time to cook a pot of soup. In addition to preparing the best ingredients, you must also pay attention to the heat. This pot of warm soup that gathers the warm soup of years will nourish each other’s life.

Women’s marriage is not the beginning of tragedy, but a woman is used to comfort in marriage. When love disappears, loneliness and grievances will devour women’s lives.

When a woman is in marriage, she has no money, she will live very passively, and she will live insufficiently.Especially women who marry far away have no money in marriage, and they often live even more insecure.

On the way of life, marriage and love are just a small part. Women need to operate themselves well, operate a good career, and learn to rely on themselves in order to really shake hands with themselves, so that they can truly chase their favorite lifestyles.

Therefore, in marriage, women are requested to learn to be their own armor. Men’s promise is the most vulnerable in the friction and contradictions of life. Only herself is the strongest backing.

In the future, even when it is difficult, when the most lonely and most helpless time, women still have their own career. As long as they do not give up, they can always wait until the sun is full of earth.

Women have their own career in marriage, and have the strength to compare with men, so men will respect women from their hearts and cherish women.


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