Women who have been trapped in anxiety are pregnant, miscarriage, and discontinuation?

Why are women more and more anxious now?When you walk into the hospital, you know you understand.Many women are not pregnant now.Many people will have abortion even if they are pregnant, and most of them will stop tires.Why did the fetus develop in the belly for three or four months?This phenomenon is now more and more, and there are seven or eight months and stopped tires, and it is not developed.This is very painful.

It is indeed a common problem now. I hope to attract the attention of the whole society. Find the cause as soon as possible and take measures to prevent things.

The current young people are not as good as a generation.Why does this happen?Let me analyze it next.

Now we are in contact with electronic products, and the radiation is relatively large.Especially young people play mobile phones all day long.Playing mobile phones all day long has a great impact on the fetus.Young people do not pay attention to these.

On the other hand, we eat food, and the food now is really not safe.Most of them have been pesticides.Maybe the current food is really polluted. Vegetables from rural fertilizers and pesticides have begun. We have eaten clean food less than 30 years ago.

On the other hand, it is sleeping late.The life of young people is really irregular.Young people do not sleep at night.I watched my mobile phone.These aspects also cause great harm to the body.There are also those who can’t be pregnant, and there is a great impact on the body.

There are young people now prefer snacks.Especially ice.It is too cold for women.As a woman, you must maintain yourself.Maintain your body well.Naturally, if your body is good, you will not have a miscarriage.Pay attention to this aspect.

Nowadays, it is difficult to get pregnant. I think the biggest reason is pollution and food safety. In the past, there were fewer chemical pesticides and less pollution.People are basically healthy.

These groups need the country and the social level of society. I hope that this problem can be solved as soon as possible, so that more eager to be a mother can successfully have their own babies!

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