Women who are pregnant with pregnancy as soon as you touch, generally have several major characteristics. See if you are recruited

Women’s pregnancy and having children are a major event in life, but because women have different physique, they will be different from pregnancy. Some girls may prepare for several years.Call the latter as a pregnancy -prone constitution.

However, in terms of science, medicine does not have a professional concept of pregnancy -prone to pregnancy. For women who are pregnant as soon as they are "bump", they are not lucky, but because of the following reasons:

This aspect not only requires women with high -quality eggs, but also high requirements for men’s sperm. Healthy uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are also the foundation of women’s pregnancy.

We all know that men’s sperm and female eggs are combined in the fallopian tube, and then transported to the female uterine cavity by fallopian tubes. The embryo will bed in the uterus of the girls.To be pregnant successfully, there is a lack of healthy uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Women will come to menstruation every month. When menstruation comes, female friends will be very happy, but there are also some girls’ menstruation always early and late, and some are even postponed for a long time.The ovulation time is also correct. If the long -term menstruation is irregular, the time of ovulation is also inaccurate, which may lead to "repeated tests and defeats" for pregnancy.

Conversely, if the menstrual cycle is relatively regular, the menstrual flow is normal, and there is no dysmenorrhea, it means that the uterus is very healthy, and the successful pregnancy is just around the corner.

The golden stage of female fertility in medicine is over 23 years old and under 30 years of age. Various functions of women’s bodies in this age are in the best state and are more likely to conceive. The recovery period of the body after pregnancy is shorter.

After the age of 35, women’s ovarian function drops sharply, and rapid decline after 38 years of age will affect the chance of conception. Therefore, if you want a healthy baby, you still need to choose the best time to conceive.

Having a good job of schedule and eating habits is also the key to getting pregnant. Staying up late has long been the norm for young people. Many people are obsessed with various nightlife, and even have bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

Staying up late has a great impact on women who are prepared, which will affect the secretion of estrogen in girls. If the body ovulation is affected, it will cause irregular ovulation and even reduce it, then it is difficult to conceive the baby.

The above are the outstanding features of the susceptible physique. Secondly, maintaining a pleasant mood and proper exercise are also the key to improving the surrogacy rate. In short, it is the primary prerequisite for making yourself a healthy body with a healthy body.

In order to have a healthy child, some people have not worked hard or not, while some people can get pregnant lightly. How should women who have not succeeded in pregnancy for a long time should raise themselves into pregnancy?There are mainly the following methods:

1. Balanced nutrition

During pregnancy, both the couple must quit smoking and alcohol. In addition to adding additional folic acid, women also should appropriately supplement vitamin D and vitamin E. Vitamin D is not only related to bone health.The growth of the membrane also has a certain relationship. Vitamin E can rely on food supplement, and eat more bean sprouts, pumpkins, grains, green vegetables, and so on.

2. Keep a healthy weight

If obesity is recommended to reduce weight during pregnancy, it will increase nutrition in time if it is too thin, and increase weight to the right weight. Too fat or too thin is not conducive to pregnancy.Go to the baby.

3. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination

Pre -pregnancy examinations can find physical problems and adjust them in time. Many diseases do not necessarily have obvious symptoms. They are likely to be ignored. Periodic examination must be regularly checked., Reduce the impact of disease on pregnancy, use the best state to welcome the arrival of pregnancy.

4. Relax and exercise appropriately

Keeping the mood of both sides is happy. Skipping or jogging can improve sperm quality. The woman’s stretching movement helps egg development. High -quality sperm and eggs can effectively increase the chance of pregnancy.

5. Calculate the same room time

The probability of pregnancy within the first to 2 days of ovulation period is the highest. Can calculating the ovulation period and the same time?

Some women are sad. In daily life, as long as they can be pregnant with her husband, many women are complained in the face of the miserable pregnancy reaction. So what matters should women who are prone to pregnancy be paid attention to?

Use of condoms: The physical fitness of the girls who are prone to conception are very good, and the chance of conception is very high. If there is no intended to be pregnant, please choose contraception. The conventional contraceptive method is to use a condom.Entering women’s uterus can also effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

Oral short -acting contraceptive pills: If the husband and wife are already in the same room and there is no condom in the process, then you can choose to take contraceptives within 72 hours. It is safe and reliable.In the next month after stopping the medicine, women can prepare for pregnancy normally.

Surgery ending pregnancy: The fertility plan has been completed, and the couple who do not intend to ask for the child can consider the upper ring, the health device or the ligation. This is the best choice for long -term contraception.

Reducing the harm of artificial abortion to the uterus and ovaries after accidents is an important protection for women. Repeated abortion will cause women to decrease in fertility. Therefore, whether it is a woman itself or a partner, it should cherish the body of women.

All in all, there are advantages and disadvantages of prone to pregnancy. For women during pregnancy, if they are susceptible to pregnancy, they will undoubtedly add icing on the cake.

So, for girls who have been in trouble for a long time, developing pregnancy is the primary prerequisite for pregnancy.

If you also have the above -mentioned pregnancy -easy physical characteristics and do not want to get pregnant for the time being, then you must take contraception. On the contrary, if you urgently want a baby, you need to prepare for you early and give yourself more space and time.Develop a pregnancy -prone physique as soon as possible, so as to make pregnancy more effective.

Do you envy girls with pregnancy?Do you have friends who are pregnant and are easy to get pregnant in life?

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