Women never eat breakfast for a long time. As a result, the gallbladder "hungry out" three "small dumplings" stones

Li Xiaopan conducted abdominal examination for the patient.

Red Net March 17th (Correspondent Zhong Liang) Young people have always felt indifferent to eating breakfast.Ms. Zhou’s Ms. Zhou thought so when she was 20 years old.But I didn’t expect to "hungry" gallbladder stones, and this stones stayed for more than ten years!Recently, due to the frequent biliary colic of gallbladder stones, Ms. Zhou rushed to Changsha Jingshi Hospital for treatment.Later, the umbilical umbilical and gallbladder was used to protect the stones, and the gallbladder was successfully taken out of the three gallbladder stones like the small rice dumplings.

During pregnancy, vomiting+abdominal pain, the examination actually found gallbladder stones

"At the age of 20, work outside, I was lazy at that time, so I didn’t eat breakfast." Ms. Zhou, 44, said with a smile that when she was young, she was more willful and did not eat breakfast for six or seven years in a row.I thought not to eat breakfast is the normal state of many people and does not bring any serious consequences.

However, when I was pregnant at the age of 24, there were symptoms of vomiting and abdominal pain. When I went to the hospital for examination, it was found that gallstones were found.At first, the stones were only the size of mung beans, and they didn’t have much attack.Therefore, Ms. Zhou did not perform surgery in time.

Mung bean stones have been silent for many years, and now abdominal pain is coming frequently

In the past two years, stones have begun to attack frequently, especially after a cold or eating chicken, Ms. Zhou’s right upper abdomen pain symptoms are particularly obvious."It hurts for a long time this year. At that time, it seemed to have eaten some chicken, and then it had been painful!" Ms. Zhou said that the pain of stones was too uncomfortable.

Until not long ago, Ms. Zhou had a sudden biliary colic again without obvious incentives.This time, she finally realized that the stones would not be "quiet" anymore, so she was determined to perform surgery.

For the treatment of treatment for the treatment, successfully protect the three "little rice dumplings"

On March 10, she rushed from Shaoyang to Changsha Jingshi Hospital for treatment.After being admitted to the hospital, it was diagnosed with gallbladder stones and cholecystitis. At this time, the size of the gallbladder stones was no longer a small mung bean.In order to take out the stones that torture her for a long time as soon as possible, Ms. Zhou had hospitalized.

Li Xiaopan, director of liver and gallbladder surgery at Changsha Jingshi Hospital, introduced: "Stone images can be seen from the CT film. There are stones in the neck of the gallbladder, so the patient will have symptoms of pain and discomfort.Symptoms can be completely solved! "

On March 11, Dr. Li Xiaopan’s team performed the super minimally invasive umbilical umbilicus without trace gallblage. Based on Ms. Zhou’s condition.The surgery was successfully implemented, and three gallbladder stones were taken out of gallbladder -like gallbladder while successfully saving gallbladder.After removing the stones, the patient’s pain symptoms disappeared, and the current recovery is good and will be discharged soon.

Experts remind: Preventing gallstones should start with good eating habits

Regarding the cause of Ms. Zhou’s suffering from gallbladder stones, Li Xiaopan, director of liver and gallbladder surgery at Changsha Jingshi Hospital, or is related to her long -term non -breakfast.Because at night, the liver is still secreting bile, and the bile is stored and concentrated in the gallbladder.In other words, after a night, the bile in the gallbladder is very thick.

If you do not eat food in the morning, then the bile in the gallbladder cannot be discharged, and cholesterol is easy to be overly saturated.Over time, cholesterol deposition is easy to precipitate crystals, forming gallbladder stones.Therefore, Ms. Zhou’s habit of not eating breakfast before pregnancy promoted the production of gallbladder stones to a certain extent.

In order to actively prevent gallbladder stones, Li Xiaopan suggested that the general public should be quantitative for three meals a day, especially paying attention to eating breakfast.If nausea, vomiting, abdominal colic, pain and other symptoms, go to the hospital for examination in time, you can be a gallbladder stones or CT screening.If you are diagnosed with gallbladder stones, go to the clinic as soon as possible to retain functional gallbladder.

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