Women need 380,000 gifts after pregnancy. Men are unwilling to and have to kill their children, but they are praised to do it right.

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Male marriage and women should be a joyful thing, but in reality, many couples parted ways in front of the palace where they entered the marriage. Some are because of reality, some are emotional disputes, and some are because of colorful gifts.Now Cai Li Gao is a topic of hype. Many men call this sell girls. What do you think of this?

Some time ago, our brother Cheng Cheng became the object discussed by the whole village after dinner. In fact, his conditions were not very good. His father had long died of illness.The mother pulled him alone and endured a lot of sadness.Coupled with some of his father’s family and mothers who had made hard work in recent years, he finally bought him a small house of more than 80 square meters in the county.Brother Cheng also talked about a girlfriend. He didn’t look good. He was bloated and obese, but he was always better than found.

Young people are indeed more open now, so the two were later married.However, the 100,000 colorful gift that had been said before marriage was temporarily changed to 380,000, and threatened him to say that if you do not agree, he will kill the child.Brother Cheng was in pain for a long time. After all, it was his own flesh. His mother saw him like this, and said that if you really want that child, we would have to marry home even if we borrowed money.After listening to his mother’s words, he was even more guilty, but also made a decision. The next day he ran to the woman’s house and said, what conditions in our family, you know that 380,000 can not be taken out.I am willing to raise children. If you don’t want to give birth, you will have no opinion.Many netizens praised him after understanding the matter.

In fact, when a couple enters the marriage hall, they should learn to consider the other party. Do n’t care about themselves, do n’t consider whether others can bear it.And for pre -marital sex, I do n’t advocate, because a girl must first understand self -esteem and self -love to retreat at the most important juncture.

△ Marriage is not the same as falling in love. What preparations should men and women do before they get married?

① The bland life of Chai rice oil and salt

After getting married, you will fade away your passion and start to return to the most primitive and bland marriage life.The life is a very fireworks. The fine calculation of chai oil and salt, the hard work of the three meals a day, and the overall cleaning of the house housework.In short, marriage is to live together two people, operate a small family together, bear the burden of the family, and cover the wind and rain for the family.

② Prepare for children together

Most young people will have children after marriage, and children are the most precious gifts for new families.So after having a baby, the husband and wife will have an extra layer of identity, that is the parents.After having a child, it means that you are no longer a child. To fight a better life for your baby, and the responsibility on your shoulders is one point.

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