Women must pay attention to these 4 points, otherwise you have no choice after pregnancy. You can only kill the fetus with tears

Regardless of whether it is preparing for one child or preparing for a second child, many families very much hope that a new life will come, bringing more happiness and happiness to the family.And pregnancy is also the most special 10 months in this life, because these 10 months are the real mother and child (female) heart, and you can clearly feel that the baby’s "exercise" in his body.And the valuable feeling can only be appreciated by those who have experienced it.Most women who do not want their children for the time being if they are pregnant suddenly, they will not bear to kill the child. After all, the "small thing" that has not yet been formed is also a life and our child.But do you know, if you do n’t pay attention to these 4 points before and after you are pregnant, no matter how reluctant the pregnant mother is, you have to beat the child with tears, otherwise you will live up to youResponsibility performance.

1. Just cesarean section

It can only be required for children one year after delivery, and a cesarean section takes longer.Because the wound of a caesarean section is very deep, if it has not been adjusted for about 2 years after delivery, the wound cannot be completely healed.It can be imagined that if your wound of a caesarean section does not grow well, and you can conceive your baby again, the belly will be more and more supported by the baby’s development. You are not afraid to tearDo you open?I feel terrible anyway.

2. Just miscarriage

Whether you are "active" or "passive" abortion, the entire reproductive system of women will be damaged to varying degrees, and it must give all related organs a time to restore adjustment.If the organ recovery is not thoroughly pregnant again, it will not only affect the growth of the fetus, but also increase the probability of abortion.If there are too many women’s abortion, it will cause permanent infertility.If you want children in the future, then you have to fuck.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

Outdoor pregnancy refers to the implantation of fertilized eggs outside the uterus, but only the uterus can provide children with complete development conditions.And if fertilized eggs continue to grow outside the uterus, how much harm would it cause women.So if you have an ectopic pregnancy, you should go to the hospital early to remove your child.

4. Shortly after taking contraceptives

The efficacy lasted for a while, because the human body’s metabolism also has a certain amount of time, so if you are pregnant with your child not long after taking contraceptives, you can go to the hospital for some examinations, and then ask the doctor’s suggestion againTreatment.Because if the effect of contraceptive pills is still there, the probability of malformations in the baby will increase, so pregnant mothers can consider.

Finally, I hope that every woman can be pregnant in a healthy state.

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