Women make these four preparations, the child is pregnant as soon as he is pregnant!

Born a healthy baby is the greatest wish of parents.However, due to the influence of various factors, not everyone can do what they want.According to the "China birth defect prevention report" released in 2012, about 900,000 newly born defects in my country each year.

Some birth defects are relatively lighter, and they can live a happy life of normal people through simple treatment; but some serious defects may be a catastrophic blow for children and families.Therefore, it is very important to prevent prevention before and during pregnancy.

A large number of clinical studies have confirmed that the lack of nutrients during pregnancy is closely related to the defect of the fetus, such as the lack of folic acid can lead to multiple systems (such as neural tube defects, first hearts, cleft lip and palate, etc.).

So, what nutrition should be supplemented before and during pregnancy?How to add?Family doctor interviewed Professor Wang Zilian, director of obstetrics at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, and asked her to answer the popular questions about preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy.

(Professor Wang Zilian, Director of Obstetrics at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University)

Professor Wang Zilian: Women of childbearing age are recommended to go to the hospital for a related examination before pregnancy before pregnancy.Based on the test results, doctors evaluate whether the condition of your body is suitable for pregnancy.

Especially for elderly pregnant women after the age of 35, the function of the body will decrease compared to young women, so there may be some diseases without symptoms and symptoms, such as early diabetes, and so on.

If you can go to the hospital for examination before pregnancy, the doctor can find out the abnormalities of the body in time and adjust it in time to adjust the body to the state that is most suitable for pregnancy. This will be better for maternal and infants.

In addition, during pregnancy, we also recommend women to take oral composite vitamins with folic acid.Especially folic acid is particularly important. Starting before pregnancy can allow the folic acid in the body to reach a certain level and prevent the risk of neural tube deformity in the fetus.

Professor Wang Zilian: For ordinary people, folic acid in the human body and folic acid that usually consume foods.However, for high -risk groups, especially these expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, the level of folic acid in red blood cells in the body is relatively high. The main purpose is to prevent the fetal tube deformity and other deformities.

Through a large number of clinical proofs, taking 0.4 mg of folic acid once a day, then at least three months of time, you can mention the level of folic acid of the human red blood cells to the level that can prevent fetal malformations.Therefore, obstetricians generally recommend pregnant women, if they eat 0.4 mg of folic acid, they need to start orally three months before pregnancy.

If you choose to ingest the composite vitamin, the folic acid content is relatively high, such as 0.8 mg and so on.According to previous research, orally taking folic acid with folic acid a month in advance can increase the level of folic acid in red blood cells to a more effective concentration within one month.

Professor Wang Zilian: Both are okay.However, from the perspective of clinical data, simply taking folic acid can only prevent neural tube malformation; if you can take a variety of vitamins containing folic acid, you can not only prevent the fetal tube deformity of the fetus, but also prevent other malformations, such as congenital nature, such as congenital natureHeart disease, cleft lip and palate, and so on.Generally speaking, doctors will recommend you to take a variety of vitamins that have the basis of inquiry medicine, especially a variety of vitamins containing folic acid.

In addition, the nutritional consultation before pregnancy is also very important, especially for the fat mother, blood lipids and blood sugar need to be reduced to the normal range before pregnancy.It is reminded that the more nutrition is, the better, but the balanced nutrition is the best pregnancy environment for pregnant women.

Professor Wang Zilian: How to prepare for pregnant mothers is easier to conceive, which involves many, many factors and conditions.

First, it is recommended to have good living habits. If the husband has smoking, stop the smoke, the woman smokes, it should stop, smoking is not good for conception.

Second, try not to contact the environment with a ray. If your job is not suitable for conception, you can temporarily leave this job.

Third, it is to maintain a comfortable mood, reasonable diet, and timely supplementing a variety of vitamins containing folic acid.

Fourth, if you have certain diseases, control the disease early in normal circumstances, or it is suitable for conception.In this way, it can be safer during pregnancy.

Professor Wang Zilian: Nutrition during pregnancy is closely related to the development of the fetus.Ordinary people will think that nutrition should be increased during pregnancy, and this view is right.But how to increase nutrition?

The so -called increasing nutrition is not just to eat everything you eat more, drink more, and eat more high -protein things. This is wrong.In fact, it is important to supplement scientific nutrition during pregnancy.

First, first of all, it must be balanced.All kinds of nutrients every day must be able to ensure intake in proportion.

Second, pay attention to control your weight growth during pregnancy, and do not encourage everyone to use some particularly high protein, high fat intake, or to take a certain substance blindly.

In our country, there is a dietary pagoda in the dietary guide during pregnancy. You can refer to the relevant content of this pagoda to guide yourself to eat enough energy every day. Various vitamins and nutrition need to supply the appropriate proportion.In this way, you can ensure that the fetal growth and development have sufficient nutrition.

Professor Wang Zilian: From the current research, due to the needs of fetal growth and development, various vitamin demand during pregnancy increases, and it is definitely not enough to supplement from the diet, so we need to supplement multiple vitamins.

Studies have shown that if pregnant women can replenish vitamins correctly, regularly, and enough, they can reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy.Only when pregnant women pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy, can it reduce the abnormal metabolism caused by improper diet.Therefore, we still recommend that everyone should be regulated during pregnancy to provide reasonable nutritional supplements and vitamin supplements under the guidance of a doctor.

Professor Wang Zilian: In fact, any kind of food has its value in the biological world, the nutritional ingredients, dietary ingredients of each food, and various nutrients have their own characteristics. In principle, everyone wants food.diversification.

Professor Wang Zilian: There are many reasons for this infertility, there are men’s factors, as well as women’s factors; there are physiological problems, and there are some mental problems, which cannot be generalized.

Therefore, if you do n’t take any contraceptive measures in one year, you ca n’t be pregnant. It is recommended that you go to some related hospitals to conduct infertility related examinations, find problems earlier, and deal with it earlier.

Professor Wang Zilian: These are some folk claims, there is no scientific basis, and there is no support for medical medicine.Therefore, this may be limited to a circulation of everyone in society, and we have no these suggestions in medicine.

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