Women have these three feelings, that is, the body is ovulation, and "making people" should not be late.

Women will have an ovulation period every month, and there are certain algorithms during ovulation, that is, the next 14 days before the next menstruation.When women have some signs in the ovulation period, there are some signs of the body. With these signs without calculation, you can also know that you are in the ovulation period. So everyone knows what signs will be there during ovulation?

1. Increase leucorrhea

First of all, there is leucorrhea. The vaginal discharge is that every woman will have it during ovulation, and not only has leucorrhea during ovulation, but also leucorrhea in each time period, but there will be more leucorrhea during the ovulation period.You can also feel obvious.During the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will be relatively sparse, the color is brighter, and it is transparent, just like an egg white. Such leucorrhea is normal.It may be that some gynecological diseases need to go to the hospital for examination.


Some people also feel that they have a small abdominal pain during ovulation. This pain is not as painful when I have menstruation, but it can also be clearly felt. Sometimes it is left abdominal pain, sometimesIt is the right abdominal pain, which can actually prove that your follicles are discharged from the left or right tubes.

Three, backache

There will also be symptoms of backache pain or lumbar trap. This symptom is the same as the backache and waistproof during menstruation. If this occurs, do not rub it with your hands or hammer with your hands.Okay, let’s let it go naturally. Back acid pain will only improve for about two or three days. If you hammer with your hands, or rub it with your hands, these symptoms will become more obvious.

Generally speaking, women are relatively easy to conceive during the ovulation period, that is, the dangerous period of women’s pregnancy is more likely to conceive in these days, so women who want to prepare for pregnancy can adjust their bodies during this time and try to make as much as possible to make as much as possibleI have sufficient energy and nutrition during ovulation, so that the possibility of conception is relatively high.

However, women need not only pay attention to women during pregnancy, but men also need to pay attention. For example, during this time, you can eat more nutritious foods to ensure sufficient sleep time.It also needs to be quit. The damage to smoking and drinking for pregnancy is very great. Even if the pregnancy is successful, it will cause children to have bad situations such as malformations.Children themselves are also very bad.Therefore, the couple need to pay more attention to their physical conditions and living behaviors during their pregnancy.

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