Women have these 6 abnormal performances, congratulations, you are really happy

Early pregnancy reaction refers to a series of reactions that occur in early pregnancy, such as nausea, dizziness, and saliva.Many women who look forward to pregnancy know very little about early pregnancy reactions, and they often cannot make precise judgments when they have related symptoms.So what are the reactions in the early pregnancy?

Generally speaking, women’s early pregnancy reactions include the following aspects:

1. Menstruation stop

If the husband and wife have sexual behavior before and after ovulation and do not take contraceptive measures. Usually, the menstrual cycle is normal, and the symptoms of menopause of more than 5 days may occur, which may be early pregnancy reactions.

2, breast swelling

One or two weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women’s breasts will become softer and softer.Due to stimulation of pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen and progesterone produce in pregnant women, which leads to the growth of the gland in the breast, so the breasts will grow greater.These hormones can also keep the breasts more liquid, so the breasts will become soft and swollen.

3. Lisal appetite

Sudden loss of appetite may occur after 2 weeks of pregnancy, because the secretion of flavonoids will reduce many system functions of the human body, and the human digestive system function will also be affected, so sometimes it may cause symptoms of constipation and indigestion.

4. Nausea and vomiting

About the fifth week since pregnancy, many pregnant women will have morning vomiting.Vomiting will happen in the morning and evening. The cause of vomiting is not accurate, but the data indicates that it may be related to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).The content of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in pregnancy began to increase during pregnancy. The higher the hormonal level, the easier it is to be nauseous.

5. Increase leucorrhea

Estrogen after pregnancy increases with the increase in the number of pregnancy months. Estrogen can promote the secretion of mucus secretion in the endometrium and endometrium gland.Increase leucorrhea.

6. Physical fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body of pregnant women secrete progesterone. This substance relaxes the uterine muscle fibers, so that the fetus can grow without interference.However, these progesterone can increase the basic body temperature of pregnant women, so pregnant women often have symptoms of physical fatigue during early pregnancy.Due to changes in hormone levels, in order to provide more oxygen for the uterus, pregnant women often feel tired.

Under normal circumstances, women of childbearing age will have obvious pregnancy symptoms in about six weeks of pregnancy, such as changes such as delayed menstruation, rising basic body temperature, nausea and vomiting, and increased urination times.These early pregnancy symptoms usually last until 3 months of pregnancy, but not everyone will respond in the early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, if female friends are not sure if they are pregnant, they can be tested with test sticks, pregnancy test strips and other tools.Of course, the most secure way is to go to the hospital for examination, which is more accurate.

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