Women have headaches for many years, memory has decreased, and the culprit is actually a "hole" in the heart

The young girl was entangled with headaches and could not find the cause for many years. It was not until recently that the heart of the heart was not closed.On December 22, the reporter learned from the cardiac surgery of the second hospital of Wenyi University that the doctor’s ovaries under the beam of the esophageal ultrasound were not involved in blocking, which supported the patient’s defect.Patient’s headache for many years also avoids ray radiation that affects pregnancy.

"In recent years, in order to find the cause of headaches to run major hospitals for various inspections, this time I finally took it out of the roots." It was mentioned that Qian Qian, who had been entangled for many years by headaches for many years, was embarrassed.

28 -year -old Qianqian has experienced unknown dizziness and headaches since middle school. Especially in the past two years, headaches have become more frequent, their attention cannot be concentrated, and memory has also declined significantly.

At first Qian Qian’s parents thought that Qianqian’s self -requirement was too high, and her nervousness was not attentive. Later, she took her to many hospitals to do the head CT and nuclear magnetic resonance, and she could not find the specific cause.This made Qianqian very desperate, thinking that headache might have been accompanied by a lifetime.

"What, I have a hole in my heart?" In the heart -thochylic clinic clinic of the second hospital in Wenyi University, Qian Qian looked at Director Zhao Qifeng blankly.It turned out that Qian Qian had a heart -shaped examination this time and found that he had a congenital heart disease and eggs.

"Estate round holes are not one of the most common congenital heart structure abnormalities in adults at present. The detection rate of adults is 20%-25%." Zhao Qifeng said that the egg round hole is between the left atrium and the right atrium of the heart.An abnormal passage exists when people are born, but they will be closed naturally within one year old. If they are not closed for three years old, they are called oval holes.

However, because the ovarian holes are not closed, asymptomatic or symptoms are not obvious, it is difficult to hear the murmur. Patients with physical examination or other examinations, such as ECG, chest X -ray, and CT examinations are normal, so it is not easy to be found.Once the symptoms of oval holes are closed, it can be manifested as refractory headache and dizziness, so it will be suspected as meningitis or neurasthenia.When the symptoms are severe, it will show short -term cerebral ischemia, and even cavities.

On the second day after Qianqian was hospitalized, the ovaries under the esophageal ultrasound were not closed into the blocking operation.Open the blocking umbrella to block the gap.The process took less than half an hour, recovered well after surgery, and was discharged from hospital for 3 days.

Diagram of hospitals

Zhao Qifeng introduced that under the guidance of the esophageal ultrasound, in addition to the non -oval hole, it also adapts to congenital heart diseases such as the septal disadvantage, the arterial ducts are not closed, and the ventricular interval defects.Closing and blocking is the first case of Zhejiang. The esophageal ultrasound guidance under the femoral chamber interval blockage is the second case of Zhejiang Province.Director Zhao explained that compared with the intervention of the blood vessels, under the guidance of the esophageal ultrasound, it is completely zero -ray, which avoids the exposure damage of the radio to doctors and patients.

Doctors remind

Patients with migraine migraines and patients with short -term brain ischemia often occur often occur in the heart ultrasonic examination in time to exclude whether the oval hole is not closed.Because the ovarian holes are not closed, once the symptoms such as migraine and brain stroke occur, patients often go to the neurology department, and they will not think that there is a problem with the heart.

Wen Shang all -media reporter | Li Yangci

Source: Wenzhou Business Daily

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