Women do not listen to the doctor’s instructions during pregnancy and take the hidden dangers. When the child is two years old, there is a problem.

The Hanhan family lived in a small village in Yunnan Province. Han Han’s mother was weak during pregnancy. The doctor gave some suggestions and asked Han Han’s mother not to take medicine.However, Han Han’s mother was worried that the child in the stomach was not nutritious enough. Without the doctor’s order, she took some traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and laid hidden dangers for the health of Han Han in the future."Now that I think about it, I really regret it. I didn’t listen to the doctor at the beginning. I thought that there was nothing big. We did not stop the child’s mother. Now, it is really destroying the child’s life!" Grandpa Han Han regretted stomping.

Since the birth of Han Han, the family has always felt that the child’s development is not very right. He speaks later than others, and walks later than others. Occasionally, he will twitch all over the body. As he gets older, his condition has not been alleviated. The family is very worried.When Han Han was two years old, his parents took Han Han to the hospital for examination and confirmed that they had epilepsy. The parents immediately felt a rotation.The doctor told Han Han’s parents that those medicines taken during pregnancy may have a great impact on their children.It didn’t take long for Han Han to be diagnosed with "cerebral palsy" at Kunming Children’s Hospital, and the family regretted it late.

Over the years, Han Han’s grandparents broke their hearts for the granddaughter. They hoped that by seeking medical treatment and asking medicine to make Han Han develop in a good direction, they are not as good as before.Grandpa is 70 years old, and the lumbar disc herniation is relatively serious and can’t work hard. Grandma is 68 years old, and the lumbar spine has changed.Grandma Han Han has bone spurs on the bone hyperplasia on the legs. If you walk one kilometer, you need to rest for five or six times. He can take more than ten minutes each time.Essence

After Han Han confirmed, Han Han’s parents actively took their daughter for rehabilitation treatment. It spent more than 300,000 yuan before and after.Two years ago, Han Han’s mother looked at the child’s treatment effect. After discussing with Han Han’s father and grandpa, she decided to go out to work. In order to earn more money to see the child, the family did not stop.At the beginning, there was still connection, and then there was no message.Han Han’s father could only find his wife while working. Han Han’s grandfather continued to take his granddaughter for rehabilitation treatment. After several years of hard work, Han Han’s condition improved.

After recovery, you can understand some words, and you can also say some simple words, which allows the Hanhan family to see hope. They hope that the child can recover to the state of self -care. In this waytake care.However, it is still necessary to take care of Han Han for 24 hours, because she has no sense of danger now, and she will run around without paying attention, but it is much better than before.The doctor emphasized that children need to continue to recover for treatment, otherwise they will be abandoned before, but at present, the family has not eased, and Han Han’s treatment may be interrupted at any time, which makes Grandpa Han Han feel sad and panic.

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