Women are pregnant with love husbands, and no one cares for her legs to be hospitalized.

The reason why the husband and wife have to get a marriage certificate when they get married, because the certificate is the legal certificate of the husband and wife relationship. The original reason is that as long as you get the certificate, no matter which party you should follow the promise, make efforts for the harmony of the family.Essence

However, human emotions are complicated. In real life, some people are still obsessed with the world of flowers outside even if they get married, and they will even have an improper relationship with some opposite sex.In case of exposure, it will definitely cause emotional disputes and even break the family.

Women are pregnant with love husbands, and no one cares for her legs to be hospitalized.

On October 28th, Jinhua, Zhejiang, a woman who was pregnant with her lover, her legs were hospitalized but no one took care of it. No one in her mother -in -law’s family ignored her, and even her lover ignored her. How did this return?What about it?

It is reported that the woman originally had a husband who loved her and a happy family. Although her husband usually loved her, the woman’s heart was always unable to hold it, and she was carrying her husband.Relations, the two developed into love relationships.

Originally, this kind of red apricot came out of the wall. It was also a scandal that could not be light. The woman wanted to sneak in this underground situation, but the paper could not be covered. Since neither of them took safety measures, the woman later later.I was still pregnant, watching the stomach bigger day by day, and eventually the east window was incident. The husband quarreled with her. This marriage has reached an unsaptive level.

This time the woman was hospitalized due to unexpected legs, but her fetus was also aborted. Her lover learned that the fetus was gone, so she broke her contact with her and left her alone in the hospital.The in -laws of the mother -in -law were reluctant to recognize her daughter -in -law who did not keep the woman. The family members felt that the woman did such behavior, so that the parents and siblings were lost, and they did not come to the hospital to see her.Her husband had no sight for her because of her betrayal.

The woman planted the cause of the woman, so she was suffered from such bitter fruits. This can be said to be self -contained. In the hospital, in addition to the nurse cares about her, the aunt cleaning sometimes asked herPouring a cleaner with urine, she seems to want to vent her resentment to those strangers who care about her, which is really incomprehensible.

the author thinks:

Since the woman is a family with a family and a husband, she should keep the woman’s road before. Many men can’t accept such things as derailment in marriage. Since there is a husband who loves her, why not fulfill his wife’s responsibility and follow the husband’s good.What about life?If you have to listen to other people’s rhetoric, you are now giving up the family to destroy the family, and the six relatives do not recognize. Who can this be complained?

Marriage and family need to be maintained together. No matter how good it is, it is not as good as their own family, but some people have an extramarital affairs on the outside for their own lust. This will cause the family to have a crisis., Blindly believe that the love of men outside, is still self -suffering in the end.

What do you think about this?

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