Women are pregnant, die after abortion, corpse solving tips: How much do you know about abortion?

Huang, female, 26 years old.

Not long ago, I made a boyfriend. I had a good relationship and got along for a while. Huang found that menstruation was not coming.

Stop menopause is a big deal.

Huang bought a pregnancy test stick in the pharmacy and operated it in the instructions.After taking your own urine, the test was positive.

Panic.No surprise, only panic.

After considering his boyfriend, he decided to go to the hospital for inspection clearly.After explaining to the doctor, I did a B -ultrasound.At first glance, it was pregnant.

The doctor congratulated Huang, as if he was pregnant with a child, very happy.

However, Huang has long been in the six gods. Both of them have no intention to get married for the time being, and they don’t want others to know about it.

Decide to get a fetus.

The doctor saw the clue, and said it intentionally or unintentionally. Many people in modern people want it. It would be a pity if it flowed out like this.

Huang cope with it, and hurriedly went out of the hospital.

In order to keep confidential, he decided not to go to the hospital. Instead, he found a friend to introduce a clinic doctor. It is said that the doctor was very experienced, and many people were unwilling to go to the hospital for him.

After explaining the intention, the fee was charged, and the doctor issued a prescription.

The doctor prescribed two medicines, one was external medicine, which was pasted at the foot of Huang’s lower limbs for three miles, and paid 1 paid around the navel.There are also internal medicine, 3 doses of internal medicine (including return, red peony, Chuanxiong, Salvia, Sichuan red flower, cooked aconite, gun ginger and other medicinal materials), 1 dose daily.

They are all Chinese herbal medicines.Huang did not know Chinese herbal medicine, nor did he know the specific drug name. Anyway, the doctor prescribed it.

At 9 pm that day, Huang began to feel uncomfortable.

I feel that the whole person’s spirit is not good, dizzy, and feels numb and thirsty around the lips.

I thought this was a normal tire reaction.Always until the morning.

Early in the morning, her boyfriend found that Huang was even more wrong.

This scared her boyfriend and quickly contacted the doctor again.Really stupid boyfriend, stupid enough to contact the doctor of the clinic without calling 120.

After listening to the description, the clinic doctor said that I prescribed another 2 doses, and I was guaranteed to be okay after returning to take it.

The prescription was later investigated: mature aconite, Chuanxiong, Beiqi, Yundi, Shouwu and so on.

The boyfriend took the medicine and hurried back to the residence. After drinking the soup for Huang, it was less than an hour. In less than an hour, the condition did not improve, but Huang was even more dizzy, his face was scary, and his hands and feet were cold.

At this time, the boyfriend suddenly realized that he had to call the police and call 120.

But everything is late.

After the emergency doctor came to the residence, it had been almost 10 minutes. In these 10 minutes, Huang had a bloody bubble liquid overflowing in the nasal nasal cavity of Huang, and the human heart stopped.

The boyfriend collapsed.

The emergency personnel rescued the scene for a period of time, hurriedly made the tracheal intubation pocket -to -pocket auxiliary ventilation, and continued to rescue for nearly an hour. The patient signs a little of life without recovery.

In the end, you can only declare death.

The incident was blew up.

I didn’t want the parents to know, and the parents of both sides could not know.

The doctor of the clinic is inevitable.

Such a young girl is very healthy, how can it die suddenly.To return her innocence, whether there was a problem with pregnancy or a problem with the fetus.Or suddenly get some violent disease.

You have to figure it out.

Then you can only dissect the body.

This is the only way.

Within 24 hours after his death, Huang decided to dissect the body.Forensic doctors see bloody liquid overflowing in Huang’s mouth and nose cavity, lips and nails are blue, and bloody secretions are attached to the vulva.There are no obvious abnormalities in the trachea.The heart was not obviously abnormal.However, the lungs are wet, and the light red foam liquid flows out of the lungs. This is abnormal. It shows that there is a congestion and edema of the lungs.

Forensic doctors also found that Huang’s uterus did increase, and the endometrium was found under the mirror.Blacodine alkaloids are detected in the drug residue, stomach content, and gastric tissue.

The final conclusion is: oxoline poisoning is killed.

This is not a story, this is the news of the time, and it is also a real clinical case.

Later, the investigators found the doctor’s prescription for the clinic doctor to give Huang, and clarified that Huang took a lot of mature aconite during his lifetime.

Ukotine is in plants such as Sichuanwu, Caowu, and Fuzi. It is not uncommon to poisoning oliner poisoning, because ion -alkaline poisoning can cause vagus nerve excitement and damage peripheral nerves. The symptoms of poisoning are mainly accumulated by the nervous system and circulatory system.It is manifested as a numb lips and limbs, and the whole body is tight. The effect on the heart is mainly the electrical conductivity system that affects the heart. The sinus stop and the sinus chamber conduction block can also induce ventricular fibrillation and ventricular speed.

Huang is probably died of severe arrhythmia.

The human body can be poisoned by 0.2 mg of pure oxoline, and 3-5mg can be killed.Investigators found that in Huang’s several prescriptions, the amount of familiar aconite was already large, enough to poison.

It is a pity that ion -alkaline poisoning does not have special effects detoxifying drugs. Therefore, early detection, early diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment early. Any oral poisoning person should apply gastric and exploit as soon as possible.Early blood purification treatment will be helpful.

But preventing poisoning is the most critical. In addition to training doctors, it is also necessary for the general public science related knowledge.Never think that "pure Chinese medicine, non -toxic side effects".This sentence itself is not objective. Is there no side effect of pure Chinese medicine?Nothing.The ancestor of Chinese medicine told us that it was three poisonous medicine, which was objective.

Those who promote "pure Chinese medicine, non -toxic side effects" are definitely not stupid, but bad.They know that many medicines in modern medicine will have side effects. Many patients are worried about side effects. They have stared at this gap and took the opportunity to propagate their drug non -toxic side effects to patients and rob the fire.

Huang is unfortunate, no matter what the result, she is no longer in this world.

There are three lessons left to everyone:

1. About abortion: If you do n’t want to get pregnant, take protection measures, condoms, oral contraceptives, etc. are very convenient and safe.In vitro ejaculation and computing safety period are nonsense, useless, unsafe, safety period is not safe.Young men and women must have this knowledge!If you find that you are pregnant and you really do n’t want children, please do drug flow or abortion surgery in a regular hospital, which is relatively safe.It is not uncommon for secretly doing abortion treatment outside.

2. About Chinese medicine: National strategy is to vigorously develop Chinese medicine and cultural treasures of the motherland.However, there are still many "medical blinds" on the rivers and lakes. With the so -called ancestral secret recipes, they are cheating.We can’t kill a boat with a stick, but many people on this boat should fight.The general public must open their eyes.

3. Odine poisoning: The above drugs are indeed useful drugs, but if they use improper use, they will happen.In addition to the use of abortion in the article, the abortion will be poisoned, and many people also use Caowu, Chuanwu, and aconite to drink wine, which may also lead to poisoning.Previously, there were news that the two men found a bottle of medicinal wine in their old house, took it out to drink several cups, and later appeared in shock and coma. They were sent to the hospital for examination.One of the two died, and the three cups were drank.The amount of alcohol you survived was not good, only one drink.

I wish you good luck!

Dr. Li found some pictures of the above drugs on the Internet. Since Dr. Li himself is not a major in Chinese medicine, he is worried that there may be pictures of pictures (repeatedly verified). If there are really errors, please professional friends to point out and correct it!


Do n’t use Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine. You must have awe of the medicine. You need to go to a regular hospital to see what medicine you have used. If you can do it in your heart, it is better.It is best to ask what the doctor has the pharmacological effect and side effects of the doctor during the medical treatment.In addition, to develop the habit of taking medicine to read the instructions, unfortunately, the Chinese herbal medicines prescribed by these people have no instructions.

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