Women are pregnant and want to kill the child. The mother -in -law yelled, and the netizen yelled. This is not your girlfriend.

“I read on the island”

I just saw a video very interesting. The woman was pregnant and wanted to kill the child. The mother -in -law was scolded and scolded, and netizens followed the coaxing, saying that the old lady was too bullying.

For pregnancy and having children, the position of the mother -in -law’s position is easy to engage in opposition, and it really doesn’t expect. As soon as this video comes out, some daughter -in -law will have a mother -in -law.As a husband (son), he was ignored. It seemed that every time the family had contradictions, it eventually evolved into a contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

The mother -in -law thinks that women are not very delicate when they are pregnant. Even if they are princesses, they have to have children.Besides, they are all people who are mothers. This pain can’t bear it. In the future, the child is born with more difficult things.

Of course, some netizens expressed their understanding that although it is not in favor of women who are pregnant and kill their children, they feel that this is not auspicious.but

It is also necessary to respect the feelings of pregnant women. No one values the children in the stomach than pregnant women.It’s like having a serious illness. Some people can bear a pain without saying a word, but some people can call it from early to late to be slightly more comfortable.

Some pregnant women’s pregnancy will be dead, and the knife does not stab himself, and it will never hurt.There is a kind of vomiting from morning to night, even vomiting to gastric bleeding every day, and can’t drink it in one sip. Try it for ten months.

In personal constitution, some people just respond fiercely. From pregnancy to giving birth, they can’t eat anything. They vomit and vomit acid, bile, and even vomiting blood, threatening life.

It is necessary to say that it is wrong to kill the child.Some people do n’t have a good constitution. When they are about to be born, they are still walking like the wind. It ’s okay for a week of pregnancy. The child is still absorbed. The mother is not fat.Essence

There are also people who have a caesarean section, sensitive constitution, and caesarean section can not move for a month. I was okay on the fourth floor where I climbed on the fourth floor when I was hospitalized in a cesarean section.

Seriously, as a woman, as a mother, it seems that it seems that supporting her mother -in -law and supporting daughter -in -law.I want to say that it is uncomfortable for pregnant women to be uncomfortable. The mother -in -law scolding is probably unable to hold it for a while. Don’t arch the fire as a netizen.

I said that the situation of the two pregnant women around me, you know that pregnant people are really different. Some people are particularly resistant. It is okay to toss.And some people can have a life of a little wind and grass, and pregnant women and pregnant women are really different.

When I was working in Shenzhen, our team had a daughter. At that time, it was like 20 years old. I was small and thin, but at first glance, it was very clever and capable.At that time, she worked at the factory. Her father -in -law was selling vegetables outside. She often helped her in -law selling vegetables after get off work and the kind of physical consumption.

Once she went to the night shift, we did not work in the night shift during that time, and worked at get off work at 4:00 in the morning.She helped her father to transport vegetables, and she was riding the old -fashioned big butt motorcycle.She said that she had taken off her skin at that time, and she patted the mud on her body and then sent the food. What was nothing? At that time, she was more than 7 months pregnant.

The second time she was pregnant with Erbao, but because of riding a motorcycle, she almost broke the car this time.But except for a little skin trauma, the children in her belly were still unscathed.Now, her two are so big, it is estimated that the college entrance examination has been completed, and her head is very good. In my colleague’s words, she bumped.

Besides my own sister -in -law, she is pregnant more difficult than heaven.When I was pregnant, I argued with my mother and dropped one (the conscience of heaven and earth, my mother is a well -known old man in the village, really is not my mother bullied her).The second sister -in -law and her own sister went out to go shopping. I didn’t know what was going on, and the child was inexplicable.The third time was even more outrageous. The sister -in -law lived in her mother’s house. In the middle of the night, she heard someone prying the door outside. She shouted "Who" and then stood up. The child did not keep …

Seriously, it is really hard to say that pregnancy is really as simple as the hen’s eggs. Some people find it harder than climbing heaven and no contrast.As a pregnant woman’s family, except for good words and good words, there is really nothing to say.

There are thousands of pregnant women, all of which have different responses. My colleague used to be able to eat things at all. He tried to spit with nutritional needles and drank water.I ca n’t eat it for more than 6 months and I ca n’t eat it. Her dad is like having no hand. I still have to cook when I go home to work. I ca n’t eat it after cooking.If you eat, you won’t cook.

If the woman in your turn is in this situation, others are talking about the cool words, it is estimated that you will wake up.As a mother -in -law, the husband should not engage in opponents and scolding pregnant women at this time. The baby you give birth to you is not your portrayal.

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