Women are pregnant and find their ex -boyfriend to reunite.

A woman said that breaking up may be to keep it, but if a man decides to leave, it basically indicates that a relationship will be completely ended.

But in reality, many women do not understand this truth, especially for men who love themselves in their bones, they even like to come and go, and they do not care about each other’s feelings.If the woman wants to come back again, she still mistakenly thinks that the other party is full of themselves.

Recently, in a street in Chongqing, a woman asked her ex -boyfriend out to meet. The pear blossoms crying on the street were rainy and poor, but the man not only didn’t care about the woman’s party, but also did not want to have a woman anymore.Anyway.

According to the man, the reason why the woman met himself out of the meeting was not clearly said, but it was very serious that he had to meet and talk tonight. Although the man who was unknown was very reluctant, after all, the two were also lovers in love.So there was no hard -hearted rejection.

After meeting, the woman was wronged before she spoke. She cried and complained that she was pregnant, but the boyfriend disappeared directly after knowing that the phone was gone.Only came to the man to ask for help.

After listening to the woman’s self -report, the man clearly stated that the two had broken up for several months. Now you are pregnant and come to me, and I can’t help you. After all, you are not your own child.There is no reason to get money or help.

Maybe I saw the man so cruel, or the woman felt that he was not crying enough, and even more sad that he hoped that the man would give himself a home, otherwise he really didn’t know what to do. You know, a girl, a girl, a girl,Before getting married, I have been pregnant. Such behaviors are very shameful, and parents are even more unacceptable.

When he heard that the woman, the man was laughed at an instant, and he might feel that it didn’t make sense to say anything. He turned and thought that he would not be more entangled.

For a few months, the woman not only started a new relationship, but also conceived the other party’s children. This has already explained the problem. Even if the man reluctantly, in the heart of the other party, this relationship has long been not so much.important.

Now that I come back to find a man, I am afraid that I still want to find a grievance. In this way, I can retain my face.Essence

Even boldly guess that if the man returned in the future, the woman would definitely turn around and leave without returning. At that time, it was the time when the man was really hurt.

Fortunately, the man is relatively sober and does not have this muddy water. After all, any man with normal thinking will no longer choose to look back.

There are also many people speculating that once this man must have loved this woman very humblely, so that after the woman could not find her boyfriend after pregnancy, she could make a decision to make my ex -boyfriend from getting a compound. It may be possible.In the woman’s heart, I still feel that as long as they look back, the silly boy who loves herself will still accept herself again.

In fact, to be honest, the woman wants to reunite, she doesn’t love ex -boyfriend at all. She just wants to find a big head, and also wants to live a life that was taken care of.

But how could such a good thing happen?How can you eat it?

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