Women are derailed and pregnant in their marriage, and they can’t think of jumping into the river for a while

Recently, a woman was derailed in the marriage of a woman in Baoying County, Jiangsu, and could not think of jumping in the river for a while.During the incident, the man Zhang Hui (pseudonym) had been married to the woman Li Li (a pseudonym) for three years, and had a son.After marriage, the two lived happily, and their sons were also cute and lively. They were very attractive.The parents of both sides also helped the power to be able to help, and they love this little grandson even more.In order to allow the small couple to work with peace of mind, the children are basically taken care of by their parents in turn, which is such a happy little family who still have problems after three years of marriage.

In the second half of 2022, the man Zhang Hui needed to go out to work due to his work, and his wife worked at an electronic factory not far from home.Leading, superiors trust him very much.But the good times didn’t last long. Shortly after the husband went out to work, his wife played heavily with a handsome guy in the factory.Perhaps it was because of loneliness, or was blinded by the words of this handsome guy, and he had deeply caught in this gentle hometown and could not extricate himself.After a long time, the wife gradually returned to getting late, and her mother -in -law found that the situation was wrong. One day the mother -in -law secretly went to the factory gate to observe. Sure enough, she found that her daughter -in -law had a close relationship with a man. HoweverThe mother -in -law did not stop them on the spot, but when she returned home, there was some dialing outside.The daughter -in -law knew that her mother -in -law might know something, and she also converged a lot in the future.

Soon time in 2023, after the Spring Festival, her husband Zhang still went out to work. In June this year, Ms. Li suddenly felt uncomfortable, so she went to the hospital for examination. This examination made Ms. Li a bit helpless. The doctor told her that she was pregnant.After she knew that this child was not her husband, the paper could not be covered, and soon the family knew the matter.The husband hurried back home and decided to divorce his wife Ms. Li.Ms. Li also knew that she was wrong. She begged her husband to forgive herself and said that she would have a good life in the future.But the husband did not agree, and resolutely stated that he was going to divorce. On a certain night, the two quarreled, and the wife couldn’t think of jumping into the river for a while.Fortunately, the passers -by were seen, rescued in time, and called 120. Fortunately, after timely rescue, they were out of danger of life.

Conclusion: The derailment in the marriage, the fast picture, may lead to the death of the family, and the loyalty to marriage is the responsibility of every married person.

Friends say how Mr. Zhang should deal with this matter?

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