Woman, are you going on the ring?

I hope women love themselves, dad loves your wife more, your child fucks!IntersectionIntersection

This is this little tattered stuff, which makes the mothers torture …

Any surgery, if not necessary, should not be done. Which contraceptive method should be the master, not one -size -fits -all.

Now our hospital mentioned the contraception of the nursery women, and the words were sent out in a word: the rings.

Then, wait for you to bleed, wait for your ectopic pregnancy, let’s talk about it.

Now, the people of the neighborhood committee saw me hiding on the road, because after I took the ring, my mother ran to them and quarreled.

What is the upper ring, it is an operation, a foreign body placed in a woman’s uterus, causing the uterus to achieve contraception in the case of similar inflammation.In this case, it is popular: it is like to avoid drowning of children, so even bathing.

This birth ring is a nightmare for women!

In addition to the more common birth ring above, there are other styles:

The Sheung Wan will fall off, and the renewal or Qing Palace surgery is still surgery. After the condom is falling off, there is something after something, and the contraceptive pills can be remedied (this game cannot be eaten more, and it can only be eaten at most 2 times in one year).

No one is willing to have an operation on ourselves. It is the same as you say. No matter which way we get contraceptive knowledge, tell us the most, the meaning of the first choice is the first choice of sisters: the upper ring!

If our hospital can first push the condom to all female netizens, instead of indifferent words "Shang Ring", then my misfortune will not come to other sisters again!

What is correctly looking at the ring is not to say that let more people undergo the upper ring surgery.Rejection is correct.

If this article can make more women choose not to the ring, then I think it is the most correct attitude towards Shekuan surgery.After we have been brainwashed by family planning policies and the unified upper ring tutorials of the hospital like a duck, we can have more women who have the courage to reject this method.I am more responsible for society!

I often hear and see those who are pregnant with a ring, the ring is backward, but I have never heard of who has been using the condom correctly and still causes pregnancy (the exception of the case in the novel tie the sleeve on the eye.To.

Because of the illness I mentioned earlier, the best gynecological hospital in this city is already an old illness, and I go more than once a week.Seeing the flow of people from the abortion room, except for young girls, they are more pregnant with a ring, and they are pregnant unexpectedly after the ring.Like me, say to every sister: Don’t go to the ring!

Everyone goes to ask the aunts who are over forty -five years old and over 50 years old. After menopause, they will definitely take ring surgery.Because twenty years ago, Sheung Wan was a must -do homework for every childcare woman. Without the ring, they could not enjoy all work and life treatment.Ask them, if they can choose again, will they choose the ring.In five years, ten years, and twenty years later, if I still think that Sheung Wan is the best way to contraceptive, then you can recommend Shanghuanshu to young mothers in the next generation.

One of the retired doctors I knew, she would rather not be included in D, did not evaluate the title, and even risked the danger of being fired.And I regret not knowing her earlier.

There is only one body, health is the most fundamental attitude of life.If we ignore our bodies, then our body will not treat us well.

After all, what you need is not to be on the ring, but contraception.Tell the sisters objectively and fairly to tell the sisters what kind of contraceptive methods, talk about the harm of various methods, and the harm to the upper ring, especially, instead of simply speaking some small harm. For exampleHow painful the sisters are when taking the ring; when it comes to a few years of contraception, please talk about what kind of consequences that may bring, such as accidents, such as ectopic pregnancy …

This is not tooth extraction, it will not hurt for a few days.For many old mothers -level people, taking the ring is like a serious illness.

There is only one body in our bodies, so please treat our bodies well is the most responsible attitude towards ourselves and others!IntersectionPlease treat your wife.

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