Woman and boyfriend are in love with a month of pregnancy, but they are rejected by forced marriage: the child’s dad has another person

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In the love world, there is a situation of deception and irresponsibility in feelings, and this relationship has crack.For men and women, the most taboo hides the other party to do things.

When we love someone, we can show love in a lot. When we do not love someone, we can clearly leave and leave clearly. We have to do a little means and snacks behind the back. In the end, we have to pay the price.

Lu Xue did not expect that she met the scumbag, and when she reached this point, she blamed herself too impulsive.

Lu Xue was 25 years old, never experienced in love, nor was he pursued by a opposite sex.

Lu Xue is longing for romantic love, hoping that there is a man who appears in his life like an idol plot festival.

Luxue’s personality is introverted. Girlfriend invited her to go out. Every time she refused, her girlfriend said, "That’s so introverted, so I can’t wait for your White Horse Prince."

Finally, Lu Xue drove the courage. For the first time, he went to the bar with his girlfriend, and also ushered in the first time by the opposite sex.

Xu Jin took the initiative to talk about Lu Xue, and asked her contact information. Lu Xue blushed instantly. When he gave him contact information, his hands were shaking, and Xu Jin fell in love with Lu Xue.

Lu Xue began to fantasize about beautiful love.

Chatting with Xu Jin, Xu Jin quickly expressed her love for her, and Lu Xue did not have any preparation.

Girlfriends persuaded to show off Xue. These men should not move their true feelings. They can love themselves, protect themselves, and don’t think about it if you marry him.

Lu Xue couldn’t listen to it, she felt that Xu Jin was sincere with herself and liked him.

Men like to meet a woman who loves the brain the most. As long as she says, she will do what she will do. For love, she will go all out.Women who love their brains are often the easiest to end in love.Women must know that there is no reason for no reason. If you approach themselves, you must have a purpose. If you like yourself, it does not mean that you have to give everything wholeheartedly.

Lu Xue and Xu Jin fell in love for a month, Xu Jin took Luxue to do a lot of romance.

For example, go to the amusement park to play, take a lot of interesting photos together; for example, in a restaurant with a style, Xu Jin deliberately let Luxue wait for a long time, and then hold a large bunch of roses;I only like her; for example, Xu Jin will plan the days after planning, bringing Lu Xue as the heroine …

Lu Xue felt that she had encountered the real emperor, Xu Jin was just.

Xu Jin took Lu Xue to travel. Three days and three nights, Lu Xue agreed without thinking, and fell into Xu Jin’s "trap".

When Lu Xue found her pregnancy, she was afraid, and changed from fear to happiness, from happiness to expectations.

Lu Xue looked forward to Xu Jin’s reaction. Will he picked her up happily, and then said, "I want to be a father", or have already planned a romantic proposal and promised himself "love you forever for a lifetime life."Promise.

Lu Xue was already thinking that getting married and regenerating baby first, or married after giving birth.

We have to admit that the woman who quickly pays in love is in the eyes of men, you are "dropped".You can easily give everything to men. The responsible man will take responsibility, but it will not be as good as you are looking forward to.Essence

Lu Xue said happily: "I’m pregnant."

Xu Jin’s face became particularly poor and did not speak.

Lu Xue said, "When do you marry me?"

Xu Jin was silent.

Lu Xue panicked: "What do you mean? When do you marry me?"

Xu Jin said, "Let me calm down first."

Lu Xue said, "You have to marry me!"

After that day, Xu Jin hid. Lu Xue asked him, and he proposed various excuses. Later, he did not reply to the news and did not answer the phone.

Finally, Lu Xue found Xu Jin and asked him again, "I’m pregnant, what do you mean by escaping like this?"

Xu Jin said, "Children’s dad has another person. You can go to bed with me casually. Who knows if you have been going to bed with other men before!"

This sentence stabbed Lu Xue’s heart. It turned out that in Xu Jin’s eyes, she was such a woman. It turned out that Xu Jin had not taken this relationship seriously.

This is Luxue’s first love, unforgettable, sad, paid price.

Women can fall in love, but they must not be stunned by love.Love is an unclear thing. When you encounter scum, you can only recognize it. The other party escapes, and you have no way.Women should know how to love themselves and not protect each other’s character. Don’t give everything easily.

Author’s words:

Lu Xue encountered the scum man Xu Jin, which was Lu Xue’s misfortune.However, if Luxue had a trace of calmness and rationality, there would not be such an ending.Love is okay, but you need to be cautious when you are married and have children.

Many women like to listen to men to speak sweet words. Indeed, love words are very beautiful, but love words should be a gust of wind. When they blow, they are refreshing and spleen.If you always take it in your heart, it will become a haze for a long time.

Women must protect themselves in love.In real life, there are many people who cheat feelings, and they should not have romantic idol drama expectations for love.Without expecting, there is no harm.

In this era of material desire, we often can’t distinguish between people’s sincerity. Therefore, we must protect ourselves and not to hurt ourselves.

The core point of this story is: If you cannot be responsible for "accidental children", you must take protection measures, otherwise it is a woman who hurts.

The male lead in the article feels that the heroine is casual and did not intend to marry her.It can be seen that the heroine feeds the dog with blood.Even if the accident was pregnant, the male lead still said that it made the female lead unbelievable. It was very unpleasant and hurt the heroine’s self -esteem.

However, the fact is that the male lead does not want to be responsible. Then, the body is the female lead, and the female is mainly responsible for her own reckless behavior, isn’t it?While condemning the male lead, we also hope that more girls should pay attention to protecting ourselves when they have close relationships with men.

Furthermore, don’t easily have a relationship with men, even if you think you are in love, do you know what the other person thinks?Those girls who have a relationship when they meet are really stupid and naive. Men will not think that you are a person in temperament, you will only think that you are casual.


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