Without fetal heart buds, don’t think about it, may

Duoduo Mom: I watched a lot of people say that there is no fetal heart bud, so I go to the flow of people. My experience tells everyone that I really want to wait. I was 24 years old when I was pregnant., Emergency, go to the hospital first, just hang out the obstetric number, open the B -ultrasound for me, and check the progesterone and HCG.The HCG value is normal. The doctor said that it was 55 days. It was still bleeding. It may be an empty tire, and your progesterone is low, the quality is not very good, so don’t want it, you are still young, I want to give me a hospital hospital order next time, and I will give me a hospital hospitalization list.At that time, I cried, and walked to the hospital while crying. I met a doctor who was a B -ultrasound in the corridor. She asked me why I cried. I said that the doctor asked me to flow.Maybe there will be a few days later, ask me which doctor can see it, and tell me to go to another doctor in the hospital.

The appearance of the fetus for 5 weeks

I thought at the time, just look at it. Anyway, I was not bad for a while. I regained the number again. This doctor said that progesterone was indeed low, but your HCG value is high, indicating that the embryo quality is very good.Only 55 days, maybe there will be tomorrow. Do I say that I am still abortion?She said what kind of flow of people, I prescribed some medicine for youth ketone, go home to observe, come to check again a week, from the flow of people to protect the fetus, from disappointment to hope, that mood is like a roller coaster. In those 7 daysIn praying for the fetal heart and fetal buds every day. After a week, I entered the B -ultrasound room. When the doctor was looking for in my stomach with a probe, I heard the heart of the fetal heart.Later, I specially trusted the doctor in the back. I did n’t go to the next day. I would go to another day. I gave birth to my son for 39 weeks+3 days. I am very grateful to the B -ultrasound doctor and the doctor in the back.

The appearance of the fetus for 7 weeks

Novice pregnant mothers, when you go to the hospital for examination, you show that there is no fetal heart bud. Don’t worry too much. Some pregnant mothers have fetal heart buds for more than 60 days.Change the hospital once.

The appearance of the fetus 12 weeks

Low progesterone, the quality of the embryo is not good, this is not necessarily, progesterone is a kind of progesterone, the early growth and development of the embryo requires progesterone. It can be added by injections and eating progesterone.The main cause of embryo quality.

The fetus looks at 19 weeks

When you encounter no fetal heart buds, or when you see red, don’t blindly believe that the embryo is not good or empty tires. Don’t think about it. You may not give up at the last moment.Wait, I heard that some pregnant mothers only have fetal heart in 10 weeks. If there is really no in the end, the flow of people is not too late.

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